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The Flying Orgasm


Genres: Alternative / Experimental / Folk Rock

Location: Danville, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Some jerk off named Ben Litman

Don't worry, I'm not as vulgar as I let on. I actually am quite sensitive and rarely ever say a four letter word that will induce an apology. Infact, the only reason my name is The Flying Orgasm is because Benjammin is already taken on Purevolume. The Flying Orgasm is a name that I've had in my head for quite a while but, just have not summed up the courage until now to type those very words. My name is Ben and I play music. What kind of music? Well, that is for you to decide, for I do not enjoy being "labeled" as something. Labels limit the artist and the artist limits himself with such a title as the "folk" singer. I just don't dig that. So my music is whatever I feel like playing. The instruments I specialize in playing are piano, guitar, I attempt at singing(which is oftentimes very inconsistant), whistle, and releasing the emotions that have long built up in me over the weeks upon weeks of school many a fifteen year old boy must endure. If it were not for music and the ability to record and listen over and over, I would probably have gone insane to the point of insanity(does that even make sense?). Lucky for you guys, I have not, but check out the songs, post some comments, sit in your chair, relax, and just forget about our existence for one moment to let your imagination absorb songs with empathy for all.




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