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The Flying Dutchmen


Genres: Punk / Post Hardcore / Psychedelic

Location: Clearview, WA

Stats: 208 fans / 10,836 plays / 0 plays today






Members: Wade, Ryan, Carlos

Also on: www.myspace.com/empanage


  • AprilSays said:
    Hey, I'm April. I recently started writing my own music on guitar. You can check it out at www.purevolume.com/heyapril Thanks! Nov 03
  • RawRRXKiDD said:
    awsome !! Oct 18
  • point and laugh said:
    hey its been a while Nov 18
  • Kae-Bae-Bae said:
    love your band name Nov 10
  • mynameisjasontorresforever said:
    hey. you guys are pretty good. Mar 09
  • Forward_Motion812 said:
    hey, i love your music! you guys are really good! shes on the baytay is pretty much the catchiest song i\'ve ever heard. Jan 05
  • point and laugh said:
    hey loser a.k.a. ryan jk Nov 14
  • laurenSXCaragon said:
    hey! omg...long time no talk....yea my other account went bleh...how u been? Oct 12
  • slickcity said:
    love the sound clips on the beginning of \"hannah\"..... p.s. write more on the billboard please? wanna know more about ya\'ll Aug 28
  • PunkJunkie03 said:
    Luv the lyrics for SHE\'S ON THE BAYTAY\" Aug 12
  • kitkatcavallari said:
    Jul 28
  • pandokomando. said:
    hannah=sexforears Jul 27
  • pandokomando. said:
    hannah=sexforears Jul 27
  • TheBroken5 said:
    You Guys r awesome!! Shes on the BAYTAY is pretty funny lol... ^.^ ! u guys got sum talent!! prettttty coolio! maybe u fguys shud start doing sum shows... ithink ur ready! GO FOR IT! Jul 21
  • =( Mortal Treason and Zao Fan =) said:
    Hannah is 0ne of my favorite songs it rocks!!!!!!! Jul 19

The Flying Dutchmen ep

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Jesse Nieminen

Pori, Finland

Jasmin Grönblom

Pori, Finland


United States

Katie Malkow

Everett, WA

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