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the Felix Culpa


Genres: Indie / Post Hardcore / Rock

Location: Chicago, IL

Stats: 680 fans / 110,594 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Mark, Joel, Dustin & Tristan


AltPress - 4.5/5 stars
An early contender for best album of 2010. Don't sleep on it.
Issue #260, March 2010

Absolute Punk - 91% Author Rating
Sever Your Roots has that "no one is making music like this anymore" impact.
...a bona fide post-hardcore epic... the album runs the gamut in terms of textures.
Above all, there's this overarching aura of importance emanating from just about all of it, commanding your attention and demanding that you take heed... (Sever Your Roots) is an example of near perfect execution.


The Felix Culpa have done it again, and if this isn't enough to push them into the limelight, I'm not sure what will be. Call them stunning, call them amazing, call them refreshing, but at the end of the day, The Felix Culpa are something original.

Alter The Press! - 5/5 stars
This album is packed full of those hair standing on end moments... so please if you're into dynamic and ambient post-hardcore you have to check this album out!

Drive Wayfarer Drive
(Sever Your Roots) has come out of nowhere as the first breakout record of 2010... the type of album that could finally cement The Felix Culpa as one of the great post-hardcore bands of the last few years.

...the simultaneous variety and cohesion between these songs is impeccable. There's a new kind of assertion behind the vocals, a power that accompanies Hladish's voice as it cracks and shifts, showing fault without seeming weak.

Travis Faulk - 4.5/5
(The Felix Culpa) are not going to disappoint you. In all this is an amazing album. You really need to check it out.

Independent Clauses
Sever Your Roots is the sound of men with brains and hearts resisting the complacency that creeps over young men when they are not watching and turns them their fathers.

Not only is this album near-perfect musically, it's near-perfect thematically.


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"SO SO REMISSION" [digital EP]

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  • Dionah Youngblood said:
    Very unique sound. I like it very much, keep it up :) Dec 17
  • Loldemort. said:
    Sever your roots album is so fucking amazing. D:< Sep 11
  • jerry J.M said:
    The Felix Culpa Are Amazing Guys...Amazing Music!!! May 06
  • monika said:
    good luck on finishing the new album, can't wait to see how it turns out. :] Sep 12
  • Alyssa.™ said:
    i lovvee you guyss. Aug 06
  • rocktownskater said:
    ive haeard of ur band locally for a long i time i just nevr checked your music out i see what ive been missin its good music Sep 24
  • rocktownskate21 said:
    ive heard of ur band before i just never listened to u guys untill today and im stoked i did thats sweet ur from my hometown rockfrord Jul 17
  • trueblu128 said:
    i can\'t wait till tomorrow! you guys need to get some more shows up! Sep 16
  • Flamincrayon said:
    Yesterday at Rock in the Park you guys did awesomely! Thank you for coming out and playing! The only thing I am sad about is that since I was working the show, I didnt really get to buy one of your cds... and the one chance I got to go to the table no one was there. But I am planing to see you guys in the near future so that should be remidied Aug 27
  • said:
    hey guys good job at warped tour in kc Jun 20
  • Phil55677 said:
    I saw you guys last night at the garage. let me say that it was absolutely amazing. You guys deserved a much better venue than that. Keep up the awesome work. Apr 01
  • imjusta_failure said:
    you guys were awesome tonight [= come back to minnesota soooooooon. Apr 01
  • xpaesx said:
    guys... im from brasil.. and all i have to say is.... NEVER STOP THIS BEAUTIFULL SOUND... boa sorte pra voces :] ;** Mar 10
  • randomdudefromrockford said:
    dude you guys are the best band ive ever heard i hopei will be able to come to one of your shows you guys are going to hit it big i know it quit is an awesome song Feb 21
  • felix_culpa_kicks_ass said:
    you guys kick ass i totally want to see you in concert Feb 20