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The Feeling Machine


Genres: Pop / Electronic / Alternative

Location: USA

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Members: Luke and Jesse Edwards

The truth about The Feeling Machine-
who, what, when, where, etc.:

The Feeling Machine is three words, a name that stands for ideas, and ideas that represent the musical expression of two humans. Welcome to Luke and Jesse Edwards. United in the year 2004 the ideas themselves existed between two children long before they were given a name. Children grow, as do ideas. The Feeling Machine is alive today via various noisemakers and noisemaking, a soapbox for musical artistry. Welcome to a thought process turned electric, borne of red blood, sweat, and a million pieces of the picture- things that in retrospect make up the human experience of two individuals. The sounds that come out of The Feeling Machine are shockwaves of musical heat. This is not original music, rather an original take on the eternal musical score for an idea behind a generation, this generation. Decide for yourself what this sounds like, instead of sitting through another commercial. This is not musical money, this is not a business, this is not a product. This is a musical presentation of everything that makes up who we are as a generation. This is only an introduction to ideas, those made manifest on cd recordings, in mp3 files, in freeze frame photography, in thirty to forty minutes of sound wave manipulation a night, in works of art, in the cities and towns of a nation or two, of growing and changing, over the span of far flung years, in the creation and recreation of an eternally new spiritual experience shared with one and all, between people from everywhere. Welcome to The Feeling Machine. Beyond words set to tones are poured the strange set of circumstances, dream images, hopes and fears, opinions, memories, loves, and a countless sea of experiences that must be life. That, Ladies and Gentles, is The Feeling Machine, only set to music, or rather music set to living on the planet Earth. this is The Feeling Machine

this is The Feeling Machine

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