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The Faceless


Genres: Death Metal / Metal / Progressive

Location: Tarzana, CA

Stats: 656 fans / 31,632 plays / 0 plays today


Members: Mihael Keene-guitar+clean vox, Steve Jones-guitar, Brandon Giffin-bass, Brett Batdorf-drums, Jeff Ve

The Faceless are a technical metal band from the deepest pits of hell n' shit.


  • logan_mac said:
    I fucking love this band, still you could upload some songs lol Please listen to my songs http://www.purevolume.com/FollowingTheHorizon Technical and progressive Metalcore/Deathcore Apr 02
  • troy said:
    dont look at my deathcore blog about the faceless Nov 13
  • Gforce said:
    upload some songs!!!! The faceless rules all, seen you guys 3 times! Brutaliteeeeeeeeeee! Jun 08
    SONGS??? Feb 26
  • oublier said:
    the new album is wonderful! actually, every one of your songs is wonderful. Jan 15
  • mash pit said:
    amazinggg Nov 29
  • Jimbo said:
    fuckin boss Sep 26
  • moshpitofdeath said:
    sexy :) Jul 19
  • Stein said:
    i fucking love you guys with a deep pasion May 13
  • caezin_ said:
    Add Comment here... Apr 15
  • natexcore said:
    wow! Feb 06
  • metal, metal, metal...fuck your music! said:
    so fucking awesome, i listen to the ablum all the damn time. keep up the great work and keep it brutal! Feb 05
  • godeatsbabies said:
    Leica makes me want to stomp someones skull in !!!!!!!!! Jan 27
  • Jeremiah (stS+) said:
    you guys are fuckin awesome!!!!! Jan 17
  • xBRUCEx said:
    yeah! you guys are so awsome!! the cd is amazing Jan 13


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