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The new album: Polarity


Genres: Alternative / Alternative / Progressive

Location: Calgary, AB

Stats: 137 fans / 18,575 plays / 10 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Casey Lewis, Tyler Pickering, Dean Rudd, Randy Burton

We are the youth gone wild.


  • Ryan From Vendetta Skies said:
    For people who like this band, check out My band! "Vendetta Skies" we just finished our album and have it up on iTunes! http://www.purevolume.com/vendettaskies listen to some of the songs on our purevolume and become a fan! Hope everyone enjoys it! We are also from Calgary, AB! Sep 23
  • Boomz41 said:
    Love hearing you guys on X and would definitely be keen for catching a show sometime! Keep workin at it, you guys have potential to become big :) Aug 01
  • Sam Heflick said:
    Wow great vocals! Mar 15
  • Alynna Legweak said:
    VERY NICEEEEE. (c: Jul 18
  • s[he] be[lie]ve[d] said:
    You guys have a good sound, keep it up^^ Jun 10
  • eric eli said:
    i think this is directing me to not trust in my thinking or feelings, but just trust!!! i like it when it says i'm the loser, i'm the social reject, i'm the nerd the geek the freak who lives all on their own in pep rally, Jun 10
  • li z said:
    I like pep rally :) Jun 09
  • Mark [: said:
    shit?! amazing dudes :D May 31
  • Mark [: said:
    shit?! amazing dudes :D May 31
  • Alisha said:
    LOVEEE :D May 28
  • heArtLesS_sOuL19 said:
    nice sounds !! keep it up guys !! May 28
  • heArtLesS_sOuL19 said:
    nice sounds !! keep it up guys !! May 28
  • The Jagged Toaster™ said:
    love it!!! May 27
  • trent said:
    finally a canadian band. you guys rock! May 27
  • justgotserious said:
    great band..sounds a lil kinda hoobastank..XD...RAWR!! May 26


May 26, 2009


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