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The Essex


Genres: Indie / Post Hardcore / Experimental

Location: Winston Salem, NC

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4 tracks

Members: J.R. Paperstacks / Chris Crisis / Sean "Cortez" Slaughter / Jess Bled

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The Essex can be pretty much summed up from any of the classic lyrics by Will Smith. After retiring from their professions as Shark Hunters and Crocheters in early 2009, they decided to settle into the indie-core, post-hardcore, post-punk, (or whatever the kids are calling it these days) realm of things, in Camel City, North Carolina (Winston-Salem). The band consists of Jess Bled (singing, screaming, talking, whispering, well vocals in general, synthing, dancing, pelvic thrusts, and mustache powers), Sean "Cortez" Slaughter (guitar, piano, hi-fives, low-fives, mid-fives, the occasional tens, and thumbs-ups), Chris Crisis (guitar, dirty jokes, beard growing abilities, snapping, clapping, and of course tying bows), and Sir J.R. Paperstacks (drums, sick beats, jump rope, jumping jacks, car jumping, and basically anything and everything revolving around jumping).

They can be found playing in and around North Carolina, and when they have a moment off, they like to challenge anyone and everyone to their favorite past time: curling (that sport that is like shuffleboard, but takes place on ice). Their debut EP Fathoms is due bright and early in 2010, with catchy tunes like A Whore in the Vestibule and (The Miscalculation of) The Hostage and the Takeover. Their sound has been compared to such acts as Bruce Willis, Steven Seagal, 3 Ninjas, Hannah Montana, The Kinison, mewithoutYou, At The Drive-In, The Blood Brothers, well you get the gist.


  • ¡ƒabi! said:
    Your guys' music is so damn good! Jul 04
  • danielle. said:
    jr paperstacks is the hottest. Jan 18


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