Because I'm Awesome

Ive got the new style uh huh

And Im walking right down your street

Im on your speed dial you know

The one everyone wants to meet

I always tell you how great you dress

Its cause Im fashionably socialized

Youre smarter better no the best

Just look at me

Im a leader Im a winner And Im cleaner

Cause Im awesome

I dont need you cause Im neato and I beat you

Cause Im awesome

Thats right

They say Im gifted uh huh

Well Im a certified prodigy

Im gonna own you uh huh

Im gonna bring you to your knees

I always tell you how smart you are

Its cause my brain is really supersized

Youre an academic superstar

Just look at me

Got a career plan uh huh

Gonna make lots of money

And bought a self tan uh huh

Dont I look healthy

I always tell you how great you smell

Its cause Im naturally deodorized

Youre stronger faster and can spell

Just look at me

Rah rah rah rah rah rah rah

I dont need you

Cause Im Awesome

Uh huh