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The Daysleepers


Genres: Alternative / Experimental / Ambient

Location: Buffalo, NY

Stats: 46 fans / 7,019 plays / 12 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Jeff, Scott, Elizabeth, Mario


Hello Shoegaze/Noise Rock/Dream-Pop Fans! We Daysleepers are now finished working on our brand new full length album "Drowned in a Sea of Sound", And it is now available for you to own. You can get our new album from Tonevendor.com or download it from iTunes! Also Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many others have it in stock. We are very proud of everything on the new album and I can honestly say it is the best music we have all been a part of. We had a great time making the album and we hope you really have a fun time listening to it.

Our official website will soon be updated and running again, so stay tuned and visit us there to get all the official updates.

The "Hide Your Eyes" EP is now officially sold out. However, Both EP's are Now Available on Apple iTunes!!! The Soft Attack EP is now Available at the vendors listed below

Buy our music at these links:



All Releases Now Available on Apple iTunes Just search for "The Daysleepers" in the iTunes Music Store.


The Cure, Slowdive, Cocteau Twins, The Chameleons, Chapterhouse, Lush, Catherine Wheel, The Pale Saints, Ride, The Verve, Cranes, Curve, My Bloody Valentine, The Stone Roses, The Sound, Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Love Spirals Downwards, His Name is Alive, Joy Division, New Order, The Church, Psychadelic Furs, Mojave 3, Autolux, Sonic Youth, M83, Bjork, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Smiths, Flaming Lips, Sigur Ros, Mum, Robin Guthrie, Pink Floyd......On and on


  • prismd said:
    this is the best band ever Nov 13
  • greg said:
    Long time fan. Hope you guys make a comeback real soon!! Mar 19
  • raziel1919 said:
    I love this group! New Fan! Dec 14
  • nay said:
    great sound guys :) Aug 28
  • liquidvizions said:
    the wait is almost over! yay! May 06
  • soccerlemon said:
    Your music is consistently wonderful! It\'s been a long time since I\'ve been so excited about a group as I am about you and your music. Keep up the great work! Oct 15
  • Jaguar said:
    It doesn\'t get any better than this. It just can\'t! Thanks for all of the gorgeous sounds you keep swirling around in my brain. ;) Oct 20
  • Shiny Hotel said:
    I just wanted to say, it\'s great to see quality bands keeping the shoegaze sound alive. The Daysleepers are at the top of list. I look forward to many years of Daysleepers material. See you over at shoegaze.co.uk Oct 16
  • openthelight said:
    chanced across you guys while in search of shoegaze .. keep up the excellent work. Sep 25
  • Shiny Hotel said:
    I am ready for a LP! ;) Sep 04
    you guys rule- cant wait to hear some new material. dave. aka vactor invader. Jul 27

The Soft Attack (EP)

Oct 10, 2006

Hide Your Eyes (EP)

Dec 20, 2005

David Klein

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Stull Hee

Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Manchester, United Kingdom


Birmingham, United Kingdom


United States


Cedarville, OH

Catherine Kitchin

Eliz City, NC

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