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The Dapper Dan Man Band


Genres: Bluegrass / Folk Rock / Experimental

Location: Mboro, TN

Stats: 0 fans / 28 plays / 6 plays today






Raised in a rum bucket crib by Amish wolves, the Dapper has lived since the flappers needed a tune, since the coppers started chasin, since Louis needed a Clark. Runnin the county, ducking the fuzz, a scraggily bootstrap brew...
And so the story continues in Murfreesboro, TN… What type of music does The Dapper Dan Man Band (DDMB) play? When asked the responses always seem to vary. Many have tried to describe it as: Pinstripe suit-core, 1920's Cultural Punk, and Lounge Metal. DDMB goes by many names, and comes in many forms; although none defining the genre of the band specifically. Much like America at the turn of the 20th century the band integrates their many different sounds into a melting pot of diverse music spanning into several different cultures and periods of time. Mainly their focus is Blues, Delta Blues stomp, Bluegrass, and many other European traditional styles, including Gypsy and Irish Folk. The band blends all of these elements together, with a dash of that good ol' 1930's prohibition angst, to produce a beautifully gritty sound that would leave even the toughest bootleggers wanting more.
Their explosive live performance isn't like anything else in comparable genres. It is complete with top hats and other ‘Dapper’ attire that would make your great-grandparents jealous. Sweeping acoustic guitars, shredding viola, and driving drums deliver a musical experience that will make all of the flappers start jivin' and the bar keep dancin.'
All in all DDMB offers a unique experience that will take you on an acoustic journey unlike any other. They strive to unite the sounds of new and old, and keep you guessing what they will do next.

Vocals/Guitar/Banjo/Piano/Harmonica - Thomas August
Vocals/Viola/Guitar/Piano/Mandolin/Harmonica/Melodica - Johnny Walker
Vocals/12 string Guitar/Melophone/Harmonica/Banjo - Shane Storm
Vocals/Percussion/Drumset - London Allen