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The Composition


Genres: Punk / Alternative / Rock

Location: Pryor, OK

Stats: 8 fans / 1,769 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Sam Cox-Bass/Vocals
Schain Zachary - Vocas
Dustin Kingfisher- Drums
Hunter Young- Guitar
Josh Boggs - Keys
Evan Patronic - Guitar

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Oct 10 - EP Release / Download it for free here!
Oct 11 - Acoustic Show @ Whitaker Park / 6:00 PM
Oct 24 - @Otherside Event Center W/ Forget Me In Vegas, the Coversion, Mikey Sawyer
Nov 19 - @The Marquee W/ Astellaway, Aviyn, Forget Me In Vegas, Cutthroat Crusade
Dec 4 - Christmas EP Release
Dec 19 - @Otherside Event Center Christmas Show

Winter Tour---
Dec 28 - Gypsy Coffee House
Dec 31 - "Spaz" - Broken Arrow
Jan 5 - @Reverb W/ Beneath The Surface
Jan 7 - @The In Between
Jan 14 - @Gypsy Coffee House
Jan18 - @Reverb W/ Mozart Season
Jan19 - @The In Between W/ Mozart Season

Spring Shows---
April 5- Tulsa, OK @Reverb W/Heaven May Fade, Bloomfield &more!
April 15th - Muskogee, OK @TBA
April 29th- Tulsa, OK @ReverbW/ Fairview, Black Hall Suite && More!
May 7th- Paris, AR. @RAW W/You Look Cutest, Madewell, Okkota, Patient Zero

Summer Tour '11May 27- Tulsa, OK @Ida Red W/ Madewell, The Senetors,

*May 28 - Okmulgee, OK @AIM W/Cait Moore, Toni Cifuno, Sky Scrapers

May 30 - Locust Grove, OK @LG Community Center W/Cait Moore, The Forgotten Memories, IDK Band

June 2 - Tulsa, OK @Ida Red W/ Johnny Vanzant, The Infuence, FKOTM

*June 3 - Tulsa, OK @Joe Mommas

June 4 - Paris, AR @RAW W/ Drop Dead Seneca, Alex Wayne

*June 6 - Peggs, OK @Peggs Community Center W/Cait Moore, Jason Coffelt, Will, Sammy Butler, Join the Couds

June 7- Shawnee, OK @ VFW W/ A Strand of Fate, Romero, Chappel Hill, Michael Garison

June 9 - Adair, OK @Adair Town Hall W/ The Calling , Center of the Universe, The Conversion

June 10 – Alma,AR @SWAD Shop

June 11 - Tulsa, OK @Reverb W/A Strand of Fate, Heavan May Fade, Absense of Ink, The Scarlet Demise, Arrowmont

*June 13 - Gore, OK @Ray Fine Park

June 14 – Chouteau, OK @Chouteau City Hall W/ IDK band, Faith Has Fallen

*June 16 - Tulsa, OK @Eclipse

*June 17 - Bartlesvile, OK @The Youth Canteen

June 18 – Joplin,Mo @CessPool Castle June 21 – Acoustic Fest

June 22 - Tulsa, OK @Reverb W/ Romero, Black Hall Suite

June 23 – Acoustic Fest

June 24 – Tulsa, OK @ Tulsa Backwards

June 25 – Paris,AR @RAW W/Groovement

More dates to be announced!



"The Testimony"

Oct 10, 2010

Radio Interviews

No release date


Tulsa, OK


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Tulsa, OK


Pryor, OK


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Angela L

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Hunter Young

Rose, OK

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