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The Color of Valor

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Genres: Metalcore / Progressive / Post Hardcore

Location: Allentown, PA

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4 tracks

Members: Justin Talianek, Eric Mohr, Zack DeAngelo, Richard Hill, Kyle Gonya

Hard hitting Pennsylvania metalcore act, The Color of Valor, is a true gem in a tired scene. Most bands are content hashing out the same old riffs and chord progressions but not TCOV. Each song has distinct characteristics that set them apart without jumping ship. Instead of following the verse-chorus-verse-chorus pattern, these guys have flipped traditional song structure on its head. Flourishes of tremolo notes fill your ears, quickly transitioning to blood chords and breakdowns. Solos and the occasionally key change are not unheard of. The attention to detail is unparalleled.

But the buck doesn't stop there, the live show is intense! Guitarists Zack and Eric seem quite content on the stage. Zack is usually the one bouncing up and down or jumping off stage boxes. Eric tends to be more reserved, taking the old school metal approach and headbanging it out while tearing down the fretboard. The bands vocalist has a rare passion that can only be captured under the lights. The first to break a sweat, Justin spends the entire set in motion. It's easy to see his words are flush with sincerity. Kyle, the newest member to the group is the bands drummer. Kyles repertoire is vast, fusing many styles of music to bring contrast to the bands light and dark moods.

A rare band of gentlemen, The Color of Valor is certain to take center stage this year. New releases and show dates are always on the horizon so continue to keep these guys on your radar.