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The Classic Struggle

On tour w/ Acirema Nov. 27th - Dec. 20th!!!!


Genres: Metal / Metalcore / Hardcore

Location: Myrtle Beach, SC

Stats: 211 fans / 12,373 plays / 6 plays today






Members: Tim Zlinsky, Chris Grant, Brandon Collins, Nick Sloan, & TJ Bailey

We are The Classic fucking Struggle. We like to say fuck. Try to fucking stop us. Fuck you. Fuck yeah!

Our new fucking CD is out via IRONCLAD/METAL BLADE RECORDS! Keep a fucking look out for it and buy it!

Nov. 27th - Dec. 20th


  • Rachelallan said:
    Awesome Music..) Jul 24
  • ol' steve said:
    any shows in ct soon? Oct 23
  • skatergurl1993 said:
    My friend was just telling me about you guys. Fucking brill. Definetly buying your album on iTunes :) Mar 11
  • Zach's On Deckā„¢ said:
    Cootie Hut Show Saturday I just might skeet myself when you guys play Feel Like Hell Florence loves you! Apr 10
  • brandoncamewithbrokenteeth said:
    hey yo im havin a party and i need a band come and play and i love you guys.... i live in carolina forest.... ill pay anything for you guys to come.. you guys are the best local band around ily guys Dec 09
  • Unique_cliche said:
    Dude, I\'ll most definitely be at that benefit show in Charleston for Tyler!!!! you guys are amazing! Jul 30
  • fashiondisasterx said:
    whats up kids. i just finally got around to making this purevolume thing but i just wanted to say stay chill. Jun 08
  • shefelloverboard said:
    come to cincinnati you know you want to. Jan 04

Feel Like Hell

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Ottawa Hills, OH


Burien, WA


United Kingdom


Wallingford, CT

Marquess Detros

Leeds, United Kingdom


United Kingdom


Allendale, IN


Cushing, TX

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