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Released Jul 22, 2008

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Comments (7)

  • Sara (But I'm so lost out at sea). said:
    My favorite album of all time. There's been at least 250 listens recorded on just my computer alone. Jun 09
  • clara said:
    sound awesome song Dec 22
  • Taylor McB said:
    Awesome job on The Silver Chord, guys. I love the sound and lyrics. Nothing shallow, and a lot to think about and savor. Jul 27
  • tonyd3840 said:
    cantttt waittt Jul 21
  • said:
    AWESOME!!! I can't wait until it's released! :D May 25
  • Jess. said:
    Whenever I see the artwork, I pretty much squeal in joy. I can't wait! May 24
  • OwenDarko said:
    Hello from the UK! Wow, the sampler is sounding extremely epic! 100% buy for me! May 23