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  • REn said:
    FINALLY!!! yahh!! i found a new cd to listen to over and over and over again! just from listening to a couple of your songs, i can already tell im gonna have a great time listening to the cd!! THANK YOU!!!-->thank you too secret & whisper. thats how i found you guys! May 09
  • Jared Crowe said:
    This album was released in 1969? Mar 02
  • christainemo0987 said:
    awsome songs i love them Nov 13
  • Brittey Boo :] said:
    OMG I HAVE THIS CD and its AMAZING Oct 08
  • Ardria... said:
    i honestly have to admit that i have never loved an album more....i never ever skip even one song and i can listen to it over and over again!!!!!its truly AMAZING-these guys are muical geniusssses GOD BLESS THEM! Sep 08
  • ShiikamaruNara said:
    I really LOVE classic crime i just found out about them too! Aug 24
  • ShiikamaruNara said:
    I really LOVE classic crime i just found out about them too! Aug 24
  • Angel of War said:
    this sounds like a good album. My favourite song is the coldest heart. It\'s a wonderfully done track. Jun 01
  • Devonn-yellow said:
    hey this is some amazing stuff. new fav yo. Feb 13
  • sunnyside__up said:
    Oh my goodness.Great CD.Go Buy it NOW.Kay? Dec 28
  • Jawsoldier#1 said:
    You guys are awesome and I love the fight. The world needs mre bands like you. I really wanted to see you in concert with Emery but I ran out of time. Dec 04
  • alexxxfuck said:
    you should make your songs downloadable.. it would help get you out there :] Nov 11
  • Crazy Jenny said:
    Just checking out new bands andyou guys are kick ass. I was checking out your shows, doesn\'t seem like you guys have any shows in Canada. You guys should do some shows over this way. We\'ve had alot of bands like yours around here and they always do really well. Spread the music guys.. we could use some new bands over here. Nov 08
  • robmartin88 said:
    for realy u guys are tight. your up there on my list for sure. might possibly be my new favorite band. peace Oct 12
  • muzikfreak said:
    New favorite band, you guys are awsome Aug 29
  • Riley Alexander said:
    This is a super deadly CD, I love it! I\'m buying it as soon as I see it in stores, the only thing is there\'s no major stores in the middle of nowhere (ie- Central Canada) Aug 23
  • TheRowing Octopuss said:
    RAAAAAAD! Mass want this album... can\'t get enough of the coldest heart. solid muSICK man! damn Aug 15
  • 111 said:
    rock on you guys are awesome keep it up and let us know when the follow up comes awesome record guys the fight is the best song ever! Aug 11