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TCB debut album 'Shades; Directions' out June 15th!!!


Genres: Alternative / Rock / Metal

Location: United Kingdom

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4 tracks

Members: Jonny (vocals), Adam (guitar/voclas), Marc (guitar), Jamie (bass/vocals), James (drums)


From the North-East of the UK; TCB were formed in 2006 with Jonny Ferguson (vocals), Adam Ridley (guitar/vocals), Marc Henessey (guitar), Jamie Common (bass/vocals) and James Summersby (drums). All members had played in respected bands previously and the extremely high pedigree of this group is there for all to see.

In November 06 TCB went to Outhouse studios (Enter Shikari, Architects) and recorded their first 4 song demo 'Save Yourself From The gates Of Hell.' Since then they have been playing very successful and packed out dates across Europe with their relentless and unpredictably explosive live shows enforcing and furthering a furiously expanding international fan-base. Selling out UK and EU venues including Newcastle Academy twice in 6 months and only ever improving their furious stage show this band is accepted by both the hardcore elite and mainstream 'sing a long' audience - this band have it all, constantly galvanizing and inspiring industry and music fans alike wherever they go.

The summer of '08' and the highly respected and successful UK label 'In at the Deep End' (Gallows, Architects, Suicide Silence, Shaped By Fate) snatches up the band for their debut album. With large amount of European attention the LP will be released to the high demand and mass anticipation of so many across the UK and much further afield. The band have their debut full length 'Shades; Directions' set for release on June 15th 09 and will definitely be a year that will belong to this band.

You can also check out their myspace site at: www.myspace.com/thecasinobrawl



  • feartheday12 said:
    Awsome May 21
  • Clunk said:
    hell yes Apr 28
  • Flotschey. said:
    fucking good shit ! Dec 29
  • Tommy said:
    you guys are awesome. also, any other hardcore/similar fans check these out; http://www.purevolume.com/ABrokenTomorrow cheers! =] Apr 20
  • Hunter Edward said:
    SICKK Mar 09
  • King : A : [ASTR] said:
    Feb 27
  • King : A : [ASTR] said:
    Feb 27
  • King : A : [ASTR] said:
    Without getting down some how some way, they wont listen. Feb 27
  • stevo101 said:
    you guys need to effing come to South Florida..Ft. Lauderdale!!!!..u guys rock!! Aug 19
  • Karen Scissorhands XD said:
    I friggin love you guys! Aug 16
  • said:
    dude you guys are my new favorite band! =] are you guys gunna be touring soon?? May 12
  • misunderstood1-0-1 said:
    you guys are so awesome. i love you May 07
  • Gina Sinclair said:
    You guys are wicked May 07
  • Is It To Late? said:
    sooo good Apr 19
  • Kay said:
    you guys are great. Just browesin the web, saw a cute pic, clicked on it, and you guys were on his top! Clicked on it, and you guys are awesome and gorgeous!! peace&love kaykay Apr 08

Shades ; Directions

Jun 15, 2009

The Casino Brawl

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