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  • Jamie Ann said:
    Can you guys please come to East Malaysia??? Please... I love you :) Feb 16
  • Krystal said:
    I can't wait to see you guys perform at GUSH 2012! I live in San Francisco and the Fort Mason Center is rly close to where I live. August 25th couldn't be a better timing as it would be AN EPIC LAST CONCERT OF THE SUMMER! And I'm so excited to see Hellogoodbye and Mayday Parade to perform with you guys too. Anyone who wants to come to this awesome event should check out www.gushconcert.com LET'S POPULATE THE CONCERT WITH THE CAB FANS! :D Jul 12
  • Jamie Ann said:
    love you guys so much!! hope you can come to Malaysia! :D xx Jamie Feb 04
  • Doshielee said:
    Just saw you guys at the Blue Moose Tap House in Iowa City The show was amazing, you guys where amazing. Please Never stop making Music You guys! you are loved!!!! Jan 25
  • Marissa Flores said:
    I saw you guys at the House of Blues in Dallas last night and it was amazing! I was front row singing along to all the songs. You guys have so much energy. It was great! :) can't wait till you come back!! Nov 08
  • Irah said:
    "Endlessly" is my favorite in the new album. I love your music! keep it up! Oct 24
  • Melissa said:
    Okay. I have listened to Bad SO MANY TIMES! I am SO excited for the new album! :) Keep up the good work! Aug 18
  • damian said:
    check us out at purevolume.com/vintageheartbeat Aug 17
  • Kaitlin Hunter said:
    check out my videos for hey brother and the music man www.purevolume.com/kaitlinhunter Aug 16
  • Matt Beer said:
    you guys fans of the script? I did an acoustic cover of their tune "breakeven" and it's available for free download! check it out here http://purevolume.com/mattbeermusic :) thank you! Aug 16
  • sandy said:
    Aug 16
  • Matt Beer said:
    hey guys! :) I'm matt beer, 17 years old from new jersey. I'm an acoustic singer/songwriter/guitarist. check out my songs here: http://www.purevolume.com/MattBeerMusic Aug 14
  • Mr Morse said:
    I can't believe your record comes out soon. It's been so long! I'd really appreciate if you could check out my songs: www.purevolume.com/alexandrep Aug 12
  • Doshielee said:
    Can't wait for SS to come out!! Loved whisper War and Lady Luck. Been Waiting for another full length from you guys!! all the love keep up the great work Aug 11
  • Jared Buller-Kormos said:
    Hey everyone please check out some of my music like my new song "Make it through" or another "In my arms" its electro pop so please check it out! www.Purevolume.com/CityVirtue Aug 11
  • ♪♫Ambee..FrostHeart♫♪ said:
    ahhh freakin sick band luv it! Aug 09
  • Chad Nunnally said:
    hey guys please check out my band Something More and like us on Facebook! you won't regret it i promise! http://www.purevolume.com/SomethingMoreband http://www.facebook.com/somethingmoreband Aug 08
  • ♥JackJack♥ said:
    Love your music ♥ May 22
  • EmiieTylorBeckett☮ said:
    OM NOM NOM!!! alex marshall! ;] x Feb 18
  • Lia said:
    awesome music! but too bad u dont give free mp3 :) Feb 04