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Genres: Metal / Folk Rock / Techno

Location: Hollywood, CA

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22 tracks

Members: Mitchell, Brett, Nate, Josh, Brittany, Spencer, Vinnie

You found our secret site! don't tell everyone. seriously. this is the most top secret thing ever. ewi.

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  • Jeremy Wortman said:
    Check out a newer song i just posted. I haven't used purevolume in a while but i'm gonna start again! http://www.purevolume.com/foreverthecity Oct 24
  • Mark said:
    test May 24
  • molly :) said:
  • Mitchell said:
    Test 2 Apr 14
  • Mitchell said:
    Test 1 Apr 14
  • Sapphycakes said:
    If they really have copied all their songs, could someone tell me what the first song is? Cause it's really good. Nov 23
  • lovely_lizabeth said:
    yalll r amazing as shhizzzz.... Aug 31
  • molly :) said:
    realllyyy different ...but i love IT Aug 22
  • scs said:
    So you don't have many songs on here, but if you've got more stuff, I'd LOVE to hear it! You've got some great voice with the best beat and an eclectic mix of instruments and sounds, I love it! :D Great job!!! Jul 14
  • ShareHeadphonesWithMe said:
    Love your sound! It's fun and tells a great story. Wish you guys the best of luck. Headphones: Out. Jun 30
  • Lessthan3 said:
    so how come your album sounds completely different from what's on here? this sounds really good...why not have the same sound? Jun 18
  • Sapphycakes said:
    you guys are awesome. Im suprised your not more popular =] Jun 17
  • SKiTZIE said:
    I Jun 17
  • chiendelarue said:
    haha. i liked the billboard post. i love you already. Jun 13
  • IndiePixie | My mummy bought me a book on vampires ^-^ said:
    Nice songs. But, I'm confused.. Your first song, std_7e0f68d2452948ea36242367ed1624f1.mp3, is My Pretty Eyes by Rediscover.. Care to explain..? Jun 06


Jul 15, 2009

Test Album Three

Jul 06, 2008

Test Album Two

Jan 12, 2008

Test Album One (2)

Feb 11, 1991

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The Breathing Method!

Metal / Folk Rock / Techno

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