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The Breakup


Genres: Pop / Rock / Powerpop

Location: Buena Park, CA

Stats: 411 fans / 22,186 plays / 16 plays today






Members: Kristina, Melissa, Francis, George, & Matt

"When it takes at least four name drops to describe a band's sound instead of just one or two, there's a good chance that the band has a bright future ahead of them. The EP delivers and It's catchy in every way, shape, or form possible, and certainly has more substance than most of the girly bands."
-Ryan McDonough, TheDailyChorus.com

"Don't Keep Us A Secret is an 80's infused dance/pop/electronic EP that is quick, punchy, and has me inquiring and hoping that a full-length would be some of the same. They remind me of the music world's version of MTV's Fanny Pack, from America's Best Dance Crew. And I loved Fanny Pack because they were just different and there is something about this group that is different, in a good way."
-Jason Dunham for AbsolutePunk.net

"Southern California based-quintent The Breakup is truly a one of a kind band. Their combination of pop-punk and synthed out 80's sound sets them apart from other purely poppy bands out there. Chocked full of proactive energy and relentless work ethic there is no limit to what this band is going to add to their long list of big time achievements."
-AMP Magazine, Issue 36 Dec 08/Jan 09


  • hardcorekid_777 said:
    you guys seem really cool Oct 24
  • Allex kaaappoww ! :] said:
    i likeeee :] Sep 26
  • chiodosfan said:
    Add Comment here... Apr 27
  • TrulyYours said:
    you guys are awesome you should come to orlando cuz you kick ass! Apr 03
  • Jessie Teylur said:
    i love u guys Mar 31
  • wow its rachh said:
    i like your music a lot, add some more songs:) Mar 02
  • Jessie Teylur said:
    i have already said that you guys were awsome but i\'ve been listening to your stuff alottt i love holding on!!! Jan 29
  • ilovethiskid said:
    im a guitarist. if you want to know moer about me..let me know. btw..your band is awesome. Jan 27
  • si_ob_han said:
    hey!! It is si_ob_han!! Okay the girl with pink hair has the COOLEST HAIR IN ALL OF THE MILKY WAY!! It is as cool as an ice-cube in a freezer in a cooler in alaska!! :P From, your fan. si_ob_han Jan 25
  • cutmegently said:
    omh you people rox my sox... i just heard u like 10 mins ago n i loved all ur songs =D Jan 20
  • emobob_XX said:
    aw. to bad im not 22, and to bad i dont have pro gear. ahwell...im starting a solo prodject...but it would be cool to be in your guys band. Jan 07
  • HxCmelly said:
    wow u guys are pritty awsome! Dec 27
  • Jessie Teylur said:
    wow you guys are awsome! Dec 16
  • 1XOldBeanJedX1 said:
    hey! awesome songs but holding on up for download please! Oct 15
  • DebOnuky_brazil said:
    Lana is perfect! Oct 14

Don't Keep Us A Secret

Apr 08, 2008

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