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Genres: Rock / Pop / Punk

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Stats: 322 fans / 70,518 plays / 0 plays today





7 tracks

Members: Jon - John - Aaron - Tim - Nick


Pittsburgh's own The Berlin Project is calling it quits, and they are saying their final goodbyes at 3 Farewell Shows. The band has been together for 10 years, been on 8 tours, put out 5 CD's and had a video on MTV in Japan. Their Rock/Pop/Ska/Punk sound has evolved a lot of the years and they will be playing songs from every album at these shows. Come out and say goodbye to the band you have had good times with for so many years

The Berlin Project
"Running In Circles"

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  • johnson said:
    superb 6 days ago
  • praveenkumar7224 said:
    best one 1 week ago
  • Tom Hacker said:
    i like it sooo much 2 weeks ago
  • samlively said:
    Amazing Sep 05
  • Robort said:
    U guys R too Good Sep 05
  • joey said:
    Great Tracks Sep 05
  • james said:
    lovely Sep 05
  • planetwin said:
    cool Aug 30
  • MidnightFoodDelivery1 said:
    Excellent Aug 30
  • wcg123 said:
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  • Tim... ( gender is Mandatory, Wonder why ) said:
    Holy... Not a lot of comments for how good you guys are, Still haven't gone through the playlist yet, But some of this is going on the Pod for sure... Running around in circles sounds sick... Good Stuff, Sometimes bands get stupid, But i think it's good to stick it out..!!! Take Care Nov 23
  • fhockeybabie21 said:
    love you guys =)im sad your calling it quits. i never got to see you guys play =( Jun 14
  • ndug15 said:
    hey, I just was looking around purevolume and I found you guys, after listening to all the songs you posted a couple times, I was seriously impressed. You guys should continue playing music, you all create a really impressive sound that really flows. Sep 29
  • NJBASSKAT said:
    i sorry i couldn\'t be apart of the scene from the beginning i\'m glad i caught you before the end though. -kandyce Jul 14

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