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  • LOVE isthe DRUG said:
    Your music is entertaining. I like. Oct 21
  • SHELi said:
    you guys are pretty cool "] Oct 21
  • Ryan Riot™ astronaunt. said:
    thanks for the addish. haaha I actually like the girlfriend song. It's sweeet yo. Could you help me out, with something? Oct 21
  • xXxEVILxXx said:
    hey guys luvs the song keep up the good work ;] Oct 20
  • The Young Club said:
    It's different... in a good way. But it's more rock than I usually listen to , but it's still great!~ gw3n Oct 20
  • reddeathm said:
    u guys r funny, i like [:D Oct 20
  • BigxCityxDreams said:
    you guys are totally original... keep it up. It's great ;) Oct 18
  • ROCKINDIE21 said:
    " SHE'S GOT HER CLAWS IN ME " is a great song, It Rocks ! CANADIAN MUSICIANS RULES ! Oct 18
  • jordan said:
    seriously u guys...i dig it! keep it up!!?!?!??? =P Oct 17
  • Silo said:
    you guys have a very cool interesting and unique sound. keep it up! Oct 17
  • Fedoraman said:
    Nice to see soe kickass Canadians, and talented ones as well, good job. Oct 17
  • Noratendo.64 said:
    sounds good ;D Oct 17
  • Metal kisses☆ψ said:
    damn and by the way you guys, that blog dealie is so fukin honestly how i think, so go you and fuk all the rest Oct 15
  • erin*obliterated said:
    not bad =] Oct 15
  • Vinicius Hetfield said:
    Very nice. COngratulations ! Oct 15
  • mars89 said:
    i like ur philosophy ;) Oct 14
  • Mandiie... said:
    nice. Oct 13
  • Alicia said:
    you guys are amazing!!! Oct 13
  • DeadlyDarling said:
    i like it ! Oct 13
  • {logic}[will.break.your.heart] said:
    i luv ur "she's got her claws in me".. its kewl!! Oct 13