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The Autobiography(CO)


Genres: Rock / Indie / Powerpop

Location: Denver, CO

Stats: 201 fans / 21,627 plays / 48 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Tyler Dave Nick Joe Eric

The Autobiography is a band of 5 guys trying to stir up the format of the scene, and have a good time doing it. Formerly as the flood waters rose, the autobiography fuses pop stylings with rock mayhem that will bring a smile to your face and a ruckus to your town..

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  • Boss Bill said:
    Still one of the sweetest bands that I know of...Just wanted to stop by & listen to a couple of tunes & say hello,...later, guys. Apr 09
  • tatsu said:
    im tatsu from japan.I downloaded your all songs . I really like you guys .I listen to your music every time before i sleep.your songs make me feel like im in love with a girl.have you released any albums ? i ll definitely buy it.ps,I couldnt stop writting you a message .because im a really fun of you now Jan 28
  • xoxoALESANAoxox said:
    I saw you guys at starbucks forever ago. haha! good times. Dec 08
  • With Sounds said:
    You guys are amazing! Nov 27
  • With Sounds said:
    You guys are amazing! Nov 27
  • some1no1notices said:
    Nov 22
  • LILmccloskey said:
    i WANT to see you play soon!!!!! you guys are amazing. Aug 25
  • don'teatpete said:
    hehey eric i went to bhs with you. you arte probably one of the coolest kids ever. i first heard the autobiography at broomstock and have loved you guys since. youre my hero eric and youre an awesome drum player. Jul 23
  • $#@!o@!#$x#@!$x#@!$g#@!$r#@!$i#@!$n#@!$d#@!$x$#@$x$#@$o$#@ said:
    i saw you guys with the rocket summer and i was just really really impressed. ill be sure to keep track and come to the shows coming up. and you guys sound even better live than on recording. see you laterr. May 23
  • Xtake_my_key_and_throw_it_outX said:
    So like WaLking With Angels is my fav song on here. You guys should get more of your songs on here. You guys are awesoe and can\'t wait to go to another one of your shows. Luff ya ♥ May 04
  • LILmccloskey said:
    you boys are pretty much awesome! Apr 16
  • bratxpackx7 said:
    you guys are good! i can\'t wait to see you on saturday with daphne, waking ashland, and quietdrive! Apr 03
  • xBleedNoMorex said:
    Love the new stuff guys, Keep it up ♥ **Danielle** Mar 07
  • snowbow said:
    omfgg I love your new songs, you\'re such smarty pants^_^ Vera Mar 03
  • snowbow said:
    a gentlemens toast is THE SEXIEST SONG EVER!!!! I\'ve downloaded it and been playing it over and over ever since, I love you guys!!! Jan 23

Louder Than Words

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Cocktails On Canvas

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Demo 2006

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