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Theatre Breaks Loose

NEW SONG "Better Off Friends" up now


Genres: Pop / Rock / Powerpop

Location: Moore, OK

Stats: 441 fans / 6,122 plays / 0 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Brandon Lovelace, Matt Toney, Zach Dumbleton, Clay Call, Aaron Burns

Full length album out now

(for more music check out the www.myspace.com/theatrebreaksloose
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  • Kimberly Brown said:
    you sound super good my favorite son is for the record Dec 11
  • Chelsie Lynn said:
    still love you guys! lol all the way from jersey ;) Aug 10
  • Ben Campbell said:
    super pumped for the show in Tulsa, represent OKLAHOMA!! Jul 16
  • Chelsie Lynn said:
    Love the name and Love the songs.... Amazing work guys Jun 04
  • Desirey said:
    I love the new song you guys!! =] Jun 04
  • TJ said:
    just found my purevolume account password...nd i swear ive been tryin to remember the name of this band for forever...you guys had a song up a bout year ago...something about telling you something with this guitar is how the lyrics sorta went...where could i find that song...? Feb 10
  • supersloth15 said:
    you gus were great in okc sunday!! By far the best openers! Good luck on our US tour Aug 04
  • Kassie said:
    nice:) Jul 05
  • Matt said:
    Hey where can I get your new CD at? Can I get it at Hot Topic? Jun 05
  • Gelibellie said:
    hey i want ur new song its awesome May 17
  • realtycolorado said:
    You guys are awesome May 08
  • KaitlynKore said:
    I agree with out people by saying, Love the song, Add more. =D ♥ Apr 26
  • Breanna said:
    Love this song! You need to post more songs tho! Apr 14
  • Merrill123 said:
    you guys just became a top favorite band! Mar 13
  • Rafaela Massacre said:
    Heyy guys! Hope you're okay =] Awesome music! Simply awesome! Mar 09

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