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Genres: Rock / Pop / Club

Location: Algonquin, IL

Stats: 451 fans / 51,899 plays / 22 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Greg, Jamison, Brad, Matt, Niebres


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  • .SHARISAVAGE. said:
    Where is Up Early and Out Late?!?!?! Feb 01
  • Kelsie said:
    hey! you guys came up to me and my friends at the millcreek mall today. we just wanted to let you know that we love your music and we are so glad that we bought your cd! we hope to see you in concert some time soon! have fun on the rest of warped tour! Jul 09
  • emma dilemma said:
    Yoooo! I loves all you guys (especially my bff Alex) come back to bay city soon and i promise you I'll come and pump up the crowd ;) ^.^ May 26
  • .i.so.savage. said:
    I met you at the mall..you stole my quarter. Jan 20
  • Mikayla said:
    I Met you last night and bought you mcdoubles! Oct 31
  • Derek "Monstyr" Dahl said:
    put Mardi Gras on myspace! and come to hang out with us in appleton WI again. we'll play apples to apples and talk about my wet grandma Apr 12
  • Rebecca Marie(= said:
    heyyy. u guys r rly good. me and my friend (Sabrina-below)saw u in D.C. yaaa....we kinda stalked u...haha. sry bout tht. Feb 21
  • Sabrinasaur said:
    hahaha u guys are awsome me and my friends saw you in the natural history museum in washington dc and sorry my friend kinda like stalked you lol you guys are awsome Feb 21
  • Manda said:
    OMG I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS AGAIN!!! Youre awesome. and so are those golden shoes greg lol u guys hold the record for longest amount of time on my ipod :] Nov 11
  • Elizabeth said:
    Haha You guys were at the mall in Wichita KS and me and my friends got stopped to listen to your music And I must say, it was freakin awesome :] And I'm glad we got an autograph lol... Cause when you guys become super famous I can honestly say I met you :) Good luck guys! Oct 04
  • YellowForYou said:
    hey guys, i meet you at starbucks like 2 nights ago i think and you stop me to listen to your music...you guys sound really awesome! if you ever come back to centerville let me know cuz i\'ll deff be at your show! good luck you guys! Jul 22
  • xxxkillmeslowly said:
    you guys were amazing tonight at Skate - a - que. =] i\'m so glad i got pictures with all of you. love always, Kelsey Jul 21
  • freakyemovet said:
    yo!!! i literally just met u guys at the dayont mall today at the food court! Ive been listenin to the cd..LOVE IT..gosh i wasnt thinkin and i shoulda had u guys sign the cd...darn! i wish i could made it to starbucks to hear ya play. well i hope to hear back from u guys..i hope ur the kind of band that actually talks to the band but ya kinda proved that at the mall... peace out!!! -girl with the silverstein shirt! Jul 20
  • the wind beneath ur wings said:
    OMG, i just saw u guys in West Dundee. u were so good. I might be there again this friday. see ya soon! Dec 19
  • dearlovedone said:
    you guys are amazing. You need to put more songs up too mmk? Nov 23


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