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The Action Design


Genres: Indie / Pop / Rock

Location: San Francisco, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Jake Krohn, Matt Mckenzie, Jaycen Mckissick, Emily Whitehurst

To the uninitiated, the Action Design may appear to be just a regular band. But for the growing legions of fans that have heard their music or seen them perform live, the experience is a veritable dance party; an aural assault that attacks at the ears and releases in rhythmic pulses of the body.
The story of the Action Design began with the closing of a different chapter. Just as pop punk act Tsunami Bomb was hitting its peak - seemingly poised and ready to take over the world - the band abruptly disbanded. Feeling they still had something to contribute to the music scene, vocalist Emily Whitehurst and bassist Matt Mckenzie soldiered on and joined forces with guitarist Jaycen McKissick (ex- Pipedown) and drummer Jake Krohn (ex- Calcutta Bazaar). Tsunami Bomb and Pipedown were former touring mates and Matt and Jake were childhood friends, so the chemistry and familiarity had already been established.
Rather than travel down the same paths they had already paved - after all, it would be easy to pick up where their former bands had left off - the Action Design decided to explore new ground. While keeping the energy and spirit of punk rock intact, the guitars are cleaner, the bass lines less frantic, and the drumming more precise. With the addition of keyboards, the result is a much broader and more accessible sound. One thing that fortunately remained unchanged, however, is Whitehurst's penchant for crafting catchy melodies and memorable lyrics.

We've decided to use purevolume to put up music that isn't available anywhere else like live tracks, covers and anything else we put together that doesn't have anywhere else to live. Hope you enjoy these. Check back periodically because we're always recording new things and putting them up, and check myspace.com/theactiondesign for album tracks.

The first full length from The Action Design!

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  • darlene said:
    blondie!!! :D Mar 31
  • jarrodt said:
    Agent M! Great to see that you're playing again, love the new album. I was always a huge fan of Tsunami Bomb as well. Feb 22
  • steephaanie said:
    8D you guys are amazzzzzing! Feb 09
  • NeneTRONICA™ said:
    heard for the first time and already in love. Feb 08
  • Jacob Tyler Lucas said:
    Get a quick pick me up @ http://www.purevolume.com/jacobtylerlucas Feb 07
  • Sasha Grey said:
    Your stuff is great! If you're not signed, u should really consider submitting a demo to our label at http://www.sonicwaveintl.com/demosubmission.html Feb 02
  • hiyahh16 said:
    I love you guys!! keep it up and come to boston! Jan 19
  • Lally said:
    you guys were awesome opening for the aquabats last saturday at the glass house! i loved it!!! i bought both the CDs XD you're all really talented Sep 14
  • liquidrider_4 said:
    agh... do I want to drive 3 hrs to see you in Indiana?! Why can't you come to Grand Rapids MI?!!! Aug 31
  • _YASH said:
    omg yea i totally am becoming a fan now. Aug 03
  • _YASH said:
    I'll Do You is an awesome song! Aug 03
  • Pete said:
    You're a fool for not buying this Album......... Jul 10
  • Lew said:
    love the new song 'i'll do you' dont know how you guys do it but any music created with this grouping of peeps always sounds amazing. can't wait to see you live again. Jul 05
  • Snuggleblade said:
    purevolume.com/snuggleblade Jun 27


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