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Released Dec 02, 2008

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Comments (13)

  • Connor from Before You Exit said:
    Hey guys I hate to be like everyone else doing this but if you have a sec check out my band called Before You Exit. We are a only 15 years old and we are from Orlando Florida. I think you guys will really like it! Thanks alot! Connor www.purevolume.com/beforeyouexit Sep 09
  • ♥ileana:) said:
    TAI... I LOVE YOU!! this has to be a great song!! and the album cover... A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! i absolutely LOVE it!! Dec 16
  • samxxvan said:
    so so so good! love it Dec 12
  • Amanda said:
    ah yay tomorrow! they played this on tour. i was hoping they'd record & release it :] Dec 01
  • LaurenElizzabeth said:
    1 more dayyyy! Dec 01
  • Sgt. Toxic's Lonely Hearts Club said:
    ehhhhhh?!!! why did i NOT know about this? not that im complaining....YAY!! Nov 24
  • ○Dyl :) said:
    zomg!! i've been waotn for this :0 Nov 23
  • 99.9%ellen said:
    awesome cover! the design's really neat and simple. i wonder if butcher made it..? :0 Nov 23
  • winterFR3$H (to deathh). said:
    oh fuck yes. my name is winter... not that that matters or anything. Nov 22
  • Avery said:
    OH YES!!! The Butcher is tres talented. Nov 22
  • Emily said:
    wow, the butcher. i love your art. it is quite literaly amazing. Nov 22
  • Avi said:
    what?! Nov 22
  • shayna says whaaat? said:
    omgsh when i heard winter passing nov 18 @ the norva i got super excited :D Nov 22