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Released Feb 08, 2005

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Comments (22)

  • drea said:
    i miss listening to the academy is =,) brings tears to my eyes Feb 11
  • K! said:
    simply amazing. Jan 19
  • Emily said:
    i NEED this album!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't afford it because i'm super poor, but i am going to disintegrate if i don't get it soon! Sep 23
  • AngelaGrace said:
    I love this album I listen to it all the time....Slow Down what the first song I loved from this band...but I love Down and Out way better!! Jul 03
  • pinklush03 said:
    i love the song slow down. i keep listening to it...even now. Apr 04
  • Angel of Your Nightmare said:
    the academy is.... is the shizta(if that\'s how you spell shit in german)and they rock for serious Mar 08
  • cupidsMisstress said:
    u guys r snooooooooo sweet.u have no idea...wait i lied u prob do rite?good goin dudes my props 2 u much luv ure next door neighbor from the othr side of the universe:] Nov 27
  • said:
    i love theses guys snice they have been around Sep 29
  • Ally_like_Whoa said:
    Best album I have ever heard. I ♥ The Academy Is... William is a genius. The Academy Is... will always be number one to me! Sep 13
  • xJessiicahx said:
    William GOOD SHOW at warped tour! Aug 17
  • il music x3 said:
    I love your music this is my favorite album. i ♥ william. keep making music. Aug 15
  • soccerpunk9173 said:
    William roxs and I love the phrase that pays and snakes on a plane (bring it) Aug 11
  • Basementghost14 said:
    nice album Aug 10
  • u n f o r g o t t e n_l i v e_ 4 _ e v e r said:
    hey loves, your music is absoluelty s t a t i c i cant go a day without listening to your music william you were great in the snake on a plane video keep up the great music guys ♥ s a m a n t h a Aug 06
  • said:
    william i love your voice in snakes on a plane{bring it } you fuckin rock . Aug 05