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Genres: Punk / Pop Punk

Location: Brigg, United Kingdom

Stats: 1 fans / 74 plays / 4 plays today






Members: Nathan Hardaker (guitar), Gary Butler (bass,vocals), Abi Johnston (drums)..Charlotte Wakefield (Flute)

Band Biography:
The band started when Gary and Nathan were doing there gcse music band peice..they had to play a song called 'It hurts' by a band called 'angels and airwaves' originally it had Gary on vocals and guitar and Nathan on lead guitar..we then added a bassist (sam reynolds) into the band peice. Everyone told us we were sounding good but we knew we were lacking something...so after a few graphics lessons we finally persuaded Abi to start drums again and help us for this one song she agreed and we gave her the song and she went off and learned it all. We played that song live 2 weeks after in a recording studio at our school while people were walking round us and listening we thought we sounded good and so did everyone else. We then decided we should continue with our band but start writing songs and doing gigs and shows and recording albums but we had to change our line-up because we knew sam wouldn't wanna be in our band. So we changed so Gary was on Bass and Vocals, Nathan remained on lead Guitar and Abi remained on Drums. We gave Charlotte Wakefield the job of being our band manager purely because she is a great mate and we trust her and think she will do well with us (and also she had to sit and listen to us argueing about names all the time :D). We started off with the name 'Strip mine Montana' but we got bored off that so changed it to 'Trade-mark' but got bored off that name to then Gary said how about 'Reckless Abandon' and everyone seemed to like it. A few months later we decided to give our Band Manager Lottie the job of being the Flute player in Reckless Abandon because we were playing a song with a flute solo in it at one of our upcoming gigs and it sounded cool.....



Reckless Abandon

Mar 26, 2006