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True Religion Straight Leg goodbye to the old matthew

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Say True Religion Straight Leg goodbye to the old matthew http://www.pdu-direct.com/ west I clare.I been a huge fan of yours ever since i was a little girl!I just got back from your story of your life concert in lafayette, louisiana!We had a great time!So many of the stories touched my heart!Most of all was true religion. the song"Strong enough,"Which has been inspiring me since it came out!It inspires me, because i have just been through so much in this past year.To start off, i have ulcerative colitis(A disease which i get chronic ulcers in my colon from).Well, one day after my mom and i were going home from a treatment for me, we heard your song on the radio.Needless to say, we both were on the verge of tears!Because it not only reflected how i was weak phisicly, but also mentaly, from the toll my condition took on me and my family.I knew, the whole time of my flare-Up, that i needed to stay strong, not for myself.But for my parents!It gave me hope that i would get better.Without a doubt!And here i am 1 year later, proof that with god, no one is too weak, in one way or another!Thank you, so much for giving hope to me, when i needed it the most!


Posted Dec 19, 2013 at 11:33pm