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The Internet Changes Every Day Make Sure Your Business Will Keep Up

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After you've really established yourself and your website on the marketplace, you need to start thinking about how to upgrade your offerings to keep them enticing. This is about making small scale changes that will help to put a fresh look and face on your offerings and promotions. It's better to focus on the quick updates you can make because it's best to focus on saving time. Revise some of your content to make it more current--this will have a positive effect for your marketing efforts.

If your website is a few years old (or even older), then you almost certainly can do some things to update the content inside of your site. This can mean either adding more content or replacing old content or both. If you offer downloadable content, make sure that your downloadable content is as current as possible. It's easy to market them over and over to your readers if you are always working on making them current. Publishing new content is great for the on-page SEO value of your site. It also just makes good business sense to keep your audience updated in terms of the most current market news and developments. Kindle ebooks are on fire right now (early 2012). You have to find a way to take part in this party because the potential reach it offers you is too big to contemplate. You can learn about marketing through Kindle--all you need to do, basically, is write ebooks that relate to your niche. You can use some of that marketing to reference your main site. When you do that, you need to actively promote things on Kindle. You need to have an interactive authors page set up so you can talk to people. There are some specific forums on the Internet with lots of great information about Kindle marketing. If your goal is to really ride that wave, there's no end to what you can do.

If you really want to get great results through your marketing, nothing is going to beat the speed and power of pay per click advertising. What you need to do is make sure that you are obeying the rules that Google and the others set out. Instead of just making a squeeze page, create a thin site where you include our opt in box below the fold of the landing page. Another technique you can try is testing by sending people to a landing page that has no opt-in box on it. Of course, you should put your opt-in box on other pages. As a thin site, you will be able to forward people on to sites that are only ten to fifteen pages long and that are made specifically for PPC advertising.

There are some websites, authority websites, that have been publishing exactly the same thing for years and years. Even though we acknowledge that the content is fantastic, it would still be good to see them produce something new. They will get so much more interest and mileage out of the people who read the site if they just take a minute or two to think about what is going on. After people have seen something a bunch of times they will just start to ignore it. You will be much better served if you can avoid this happening on your own website.

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Posted Jun 27, 2013 at 10:44am