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Tenth Avenue North


Genres: Rock

Location: Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Stats: 438 fans / 17,470 plays / 21 plays today






Members: Mike - Drew - Danny - Jason

adoration, sing
we fall down on our faces
Now, what else is there?

"Garth, that was a haiku"

For more songs check out www.myspace.com/tenthavenuenorth


  • Danielle Schwartz said:
    Really enjoying their new album The Struggle! Oct 02
  • said:
    From your songs, I got the impression you are a Christian band, but you represent "rock"! I guess it's misleading! Mark 8:38. Sep 22
  • DonnaCake said:
    Love your music. By Your Side! Nov 09
  • Timmy said:
    Saw you guys yesterday.. Awesome stuff guys. Keep up the good work :) Oct 04
  • Benjamin Blackwood said:
    Love your music, keep up the good work! (And put more on here instead of silly myspace!) Sep 14
  • Dita said:
    nice! hey, come check out my project called Crown Ether at http://purevolume.com/CrownEther, thanks! May 24
  • [;LeslyDee!] said:
    Absolutely LOVE your music ((: May 24
  • el4christ said:
    you have lovely songs! i really love "Beloved"!! God bless you guys! May 10
  • kelsey said:
    yall are UHH MAHH ZINGGGG ! and me and my bestfriend reallyreallyreally want to go to yall's concert when yall come to Louisiana :) and i will cry if i cant..bc we would have to drive 6hours..haha do yall have a price yet?i didnt see it on myspacee :D Jan 25
  • Moi! said:
    -By Your Side -Love is Here -Beloved ...should be up here... Love this band :) Jan 11
  • Isabella said:
    basically i have been listening to your playlist on repeat about 4 times? yeah i believe that i am your biggest fan today.... except for rebekah... thats a bit intense... but hats off to her! its pretty so cool that you are only like 15 minutes away from me! yeah your music is crazy amazing and really chill... in other words, i love it! post up more of your music and maybe i will have the chance to see you guys live someday... that would be kinda awesome. Jan 06
  • Rebekah Joy said:
    Hi I really really love your music and the song By Your Side is always the background music in all my good dreams. Like after I realized how to deal with the fear of death in the family I realized I needed to just cling to God and hold on and not let go I was listening to By Your Side. I just wanted to let you know that I'm a fan of you worship. Jan 03
  • Courtney said:
    oh, goodness!! i just got back from your concert 11/22/09. you rock harder than about any contemp. christian band ever!! i love you! you are amazing! Nov 22
  • jesus freak10 said:
    hey yoiu guys its super awesome what you guys do for GOD! i went to your concert with mercy me last night 11/15/09 it was soo awesome that concert renewed my faith and my walk with Christ i think wat you guys do is so awesome !! Nov 16
  • eli albright said:
    you guys are awsome, but why dont you have any of your older songs on here? Jul 29

Don't Look Back

No release date

Speaking of Silence

No release date

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