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Genres: Indie / Electronic / Punk

Location: Allston, MA

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Mark our words, these guys are on the move.
- Boston Globe

It is a rare occasion for me these days, having seen so many shows over the years, to feel "blown away" by any band but it happened with [Televandals].
- SPINEarth

Like a lightning storm in a Korg factory, [Televandals] runs the Clash through the electronic grinder, perpetually building its Satistact-ian cause as a dent in Boston's ever-exploding rock scene.
- The Pill blog

So what do we make of a band like Televandals that takes the almost 30-year-old term "new wave" and somehow makes the wave sound new again? If you had no contingency plan for this occurence, it's time to make one up if Televandals' "Good For Nothing" is any sort of indication.
- Boston Band Crush

If you're placing a bet on who might become the next Boston band to make a dent on anyone's consciousness outside of Boston, then you could do a lot worse than TELEVANDALS, who put a Mass-pride punk spin on ultra-glossy electropop (or vice versa, if you prefer).
- The Boston Phoenix

A vigorous reminder of a genius era of music, combined with what is important now. These guys are the dog's bollocks.
- Living Atheist

A fantastic mix of funk, electronica, punk, and rock. Bloody brilliant.
- Ourobouros podcast

The music is made up like a model and still maintains the natural air you'd expect to hear from ten feet away. Their tracks are harmonically channeled through a wire. Either from your speakers or from the stage, the Televandals can't help but inspire through their beauty and fresh creativity.
- Rock n Roll Boston

with such enthusiasm and distinct sound, Televandals will always be welcomed not only in Boston but any place where people know how to dance.
- WERS music blog

This year has been a fast one for Televandals, from completing their debut full-length album, to unofficial showcases during SXSW with Platform One and Belmez Entertainment, to opening for acclaimed acts Matt & Kim, Dragonette, Plushgun, and Greg Hawkes. In such a short time they have been catapulted to the forefront of the New England music scene with their catchy blend of indie, electro and punk styles, spearheaded by raucous live shows that send audiences into dancing frenzies.

Televandals' edgy, hypnotic and apocalyptic sound has been inspired by everything from old school punk and synth-driven electro to modern UK-based indie and 80s British dark-wave. Their varied influences and attitude that "nothing is off limits" have coalesced into a distinctive and evocative hybrid style that forces you to think, touches your soul and makes you want to dance like hell.

On their forthcoming debut album, the union of guitars with laptops and synths with live drums has resulted in an authentic, original sound that still retains an immediate familiarity. Their songs also incorporate a social insurgency with politically charged lyrics that confront societal inequities and demand that listeners think for themselves.

Televandals has always been about more than just making music – it's about eliminating the status quo, altering opinions and ending the apathy of our generation. "If you feel a sense of hope, inspiration or even immortality when you listen to our songs, then we have succeeded." This is music for the apocalypse, or to prevent it.

Televandals - Madison Avenue Reality EP


TELEVANDALS the Myspace page


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    hey you guys were great in boston with dragonette!! Jan 21
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    Sep 14
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    i really like your guy's stuff! : D you should hit up SL,UT someday soon Apr 26
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    come to madison alabama. PLEASSSEEEEEEEE, i might die....and you have to. Apr 23
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    hey love the stuff!!! Apr 21
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    you guys are great :] Apr 20
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    i love your music..:]] Apr 19
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    thanks! and i likee :) Apr 18
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    Still havent heard about you guys in jersey =p lol. it's been forever since i spoke to you guys Apr 18
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    awesome! i'm excited! :D haha i can rub this in my friends face now cause i found a band without him! haha :D Apr 17
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    you guys sound goood i like it =] Apr 17
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    thanks for the message...yall sound freakin awesome!!! Apr 17
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    amazing. you guys were right. thanks for the invite... Apr 17

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