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Teddy Bear Lounge


Genres: Indie / Alternative / Acoustic

Location: Youngstown, OH

Stats: 152 fans / 48,999 plays / 8 plays today






Members: Matthew Stoyak, Samuel Stoyak, Daniel Verkhlin

After four years, One Forth Awesome was over. So, without our drummer, we became Teddy Bear Lounge. At some point, I aim to finish the few tracks that were partially recorded with my brother and Dan for this acoustic project, which was proudly named after an odd local bar with a painted picture of a bow tie-wearing bear.



  • Aceofspades411 said:
    You know what guys? I've been listening to the same damn song for 3 years now, and you guys still havent uploaded anything else D: Have you guys disbanded? WHAT HAPPENED? D: I love this song, and I'd love to hear more like this Dec 09
  • ryaneatsairplane said:
    i thinks ur name is pimp Jul 01
  • Ben R. said:
    y'd u guys change the name of ur band and btw great songs Oct 25
  • KicksJoyDarkness said:
    I would give my left arm, or any other necessary limb, for your songs to be downloadable. Sep 04
  • rebecca is me :] said:
    where in youngstown? i live there! Aug 11
  • day-neok said:
    i really hope u guys get a lable i just love your sound! gets me through the day Jul 06
  • nicholas91 said:
    Really, really good. I love the breakdown to the elec guitar solo and the walking bassline throughout is awesome, as are the vocals. I pretty much signed up for a PV account just so I could receive updates about your new CD. Mar 28
    i love your music! i listen to softer things but not like this. and once i heard you guys, i think i found myself a new best favourite band. i love t! :]] Mar 13
  • Aceofspades411 said:
    Hey guys! I love your music! Im waiting for some more songs. haha! Jan 31
  • somebody23 said:
    absolutely LOVEEEE dreamcloud. major props. Dec 07
  • roaringchandlee said:
    i love you guys!!! Oct 20
  • ienjoyyou90 said:
    you could have a cooler name but you sound great. your voice is pretty sweet. unless it has a meaning...then its cool. YUP sound great really like it wanna here more Oct 09
  • PitchXblackXheartxx3 said:
    oh you guys are awsome. =D Aug 11
  • said:
    try four fourths awsome Jun 20
  • Trestin Cody Barton said:
    you guys rock tcb Jun 10

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