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IT divisions utilizing hard drive cloning software (formerly known as Norton Ghost) today with contemporary operating units and gadgets are distressed. Symantec Ghost, Acronis Breeze Deploy, and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit haven't changed much over times and installation processes for Windows XP are different than for Windows 7 and Windows 8. There are many different sorts of tools in today's businesses, IT specialists cannot pay for the moment to develop an image for each tool like in the old Ghost image software application days.

Even more Hardware Models to Preserve

Spider imaging innovation was viable in the past due to the fact that the typical desktop computer infrastructure was much less varied. Hardware vendors simply made less kinds of computer systems-- what they made varied bit in setup, so producing a picture for each gadget type was easy. Symantec Spider functioned well in this environment.

Today, equipment merchants present brand-new devices every one of the moment. What's more, trends like bring your very own gadget (BYOD) and the consumerization of IT present more variety and intricacy. Consequently, the Spider imaging strategy has become extremely distressing for IT specialists. Producers now freshen or switch out designs every 6 months or less, which makes maintaining a standardized desktop computer facilities virtually difficult. Meanwhile, image libraries grow to unmanageable sizes, so motorist management comes to be a frustrating and permanent IT job.

Organizations that utilize Symantec Ghost or Acronis Breeze Deploy still typically create one picture for every tool. Occasionally they make multiple images to comply with department-specific demands. Or they purchase a third-party motorist management product, such as the Universal Imaging Utility (UIU), that gives a data source of motorists to lessen the variety of images they create and keep. However, depending on Plug and Play (PnP) to pick the right vehicle drivers from the overloaded motorist storehouse is dangerous. Setting up the incorrect vehicle driver for the endpoint device can cause blue screens, PC complications, and individual downtime.

If you wish to develop a picture of your challenging disk it could be done in many means. A way to do this is to boot the pc from a Symantec Spider floppy disk and to develop the picture by multicasting, unicasting, disk to disk or colleague to colleague.

So if you wish to make an image the initial point you have to do is to create a Symantec Spider boot disk. This boot disk does not boot to Windows however boots the Symantec Ghost energy in DOS.

The best ways to produce a picture using GhostCast hosting server?

GhostCast hosting server is an energy of the Symantec Spider software. Utilizing GhostCast web server you could make pictures of computers in the network or you could bring back an image to several connected customers at the same time. The only point you have to do is too all the customers with a Symantec Ghost boot disk, then you approve all the linked clients in the GhostCast hosting server energy and then you simply send the image to all linked customers.

First you need to make sure that the pc of which you desire to make a picture of, is linked to the network. Of course the GhostCast web server pc needs to be connected as well.

Boot the client from the Symantec Ghost boot disk.

Now return to your GhostCast web server pc and begin the GhostCast server utility by clicking Beginning -) Programs -) Symantec Ghost -) GhostCast hosting server.

Below you have to get in a session label in the Session Label box.

After that you enable the 'Produce Picture' alternative to produce an image from the customers.

After that you click the 'Browse' button to scan for a location where the image must be saved.

If you wish to produce a picture of the whole difficult disk of the customer you decide on the 'Disk' alternative. Do you wish to make an image of a specific partition you select the 'Partition' alternative. (In this example I describe the best ways to make a picture of a disk).

After that you click the 'Accept Customers' button.

Now GhostCast web server awaits the clients to link.

You could see that there are no customers linked previously.

Now you visit the client which is started in Symantec Ghost and you click (or by key-board) 'GhostCast' -) 'Unicast'.

You get in the session name specifically the exact same as given in GhostCast Server.

Leave the option 'Discovery Procedure' to 'Automatic' and click 'Ok'.

The next thing you do is, you choose the drive of which an image should be made of.

and click 'Ok'.

Listed here you can pick if the picture should be compressed to protected disk space. The options are 'No', 'Fast' or 'High' squeezing.

I advise you choose 'Quick' compression.

The following thing you need to do is to confirm the picture creation by clicking 'Yes'.

Now Symantec Ghost is hanging around for you to click the 'Deliver' button in GhostCast Server.

So, return to the GhostCast Web server computer system and click the 'Deliver' button.

After you clicked 'Deliver' the image will be developed and kept at the place you picked in GhostCast Web server.

You can see the specifics in GhostCast Web server.

After the GhostCast progression is 100 % your image is developed and you could shut GhostCast Server.

You have actually effective developed your Ghost image using GhostCast Server hard drive backup software !!


Posted May 24, 2013 at 2:54am