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Tears Of My Sorrow

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Genres: Screamo / Emo

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Stats: 5 fans / 303 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Kevin [Vocal &Scream], Indra [Vocal], Joe [Drums], Andry [Bass], Andik [Keys], Verdi [Guitar]

this band is form of 6 buddies wich is have a different background, and of course with 5 different people, because of that, TOMS have an especially collor of the music than another,.. strains with a touch of the soft vocal sound and a scream which makes the heart tremble, and also with strains of guitar distortion that makes our songs have a touch of rock to the beat of drums season in accordance with the sound characteristic of cool songs and catchy

Now we are stand with five people with the latest forms of Toms namely:

-Kevind (vocal)
part of the spearhead in this band, people who are always ambitious and always wants the best for Toms, he was the person who created the lyrics of beautiful and touching in this band. a very friendly person, he is one of the main fashion influence on our band

-Verdy (guitarist)
he was the most new members this time .. the only guitarist who was in toms, has a face that is not bad ... brandishing his guitar skills worthy of thumb in terms of skill and performance, and he seemed very well with the toms, however, the ugliness is if he says the word "EMO" is very disturbing for anyone who hears about this! haha

-Andry (bassist)
small body, but he was the most developed in this band, why? since before he entered the band, the profession he is as a drummer, but as soon as he entered into the toms, he began learning the bass from the base, and consequently almost a year until he was in Toms, he was the most prominent in the action stage and skill

-Andik (Keyboardist)
the new one on the band, he has a skill to be an harmonistic in the toms song,, like "202 night" makes the toms so colorfull..but, this person is very noisy, and lots of attitude and behavior and his voice is sometimes very, very disturbing, because it is not in accordance with its age, but he's blessing, full of color .. toms warm and cheerful

- Joe (drummer)
He is the most experienced people in the indie music because the experience is often moving band, making him have many friends and many paths to Toms is growing, thanks to him for one year is not one of Toms in making decisions and being in the right path musically , has a hard temperament, making other personnel assume that he was leader of the band, because he's the most merit, in this band .. but sometimes one is quite annoying ... lol

here we are, created from five different people, and have backgrounds and different musical tastes, but this is what kept us understand each other and thinking to move forward, because music is made from the heart, the ears hear, the digest by logic, and felt again by the heart, our band is also open for anyone who wants to appreciate music, we are willing to be companions for a band that we consider friends ... emotional feeling and taste that makes the heart cry of our music developed and likable.

no more tears to cry... :')

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Pinang Griya Permai Jl. Merak II. Ciledug Tangerang
Contact Management: 085691360875

Myspace: www.myspace.com/tearsofmysorrow
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Twitter: www.twitter.com/tearsofmysorrow
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Tears-Of-My-Sorrow

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