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Genres: Indie / Rock / Experimental

Location: Austin, TX

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Members: Austun, Blake, Blake, Kyle

Herky-jerky rhythms, whimsical lyrics and infectious melodies can only begin to describe The Tastydactyls. Their unique and quirky sound is a testimony to their wide range of influences as well as their sophisticated song writing abilities. These loveable, catchy tunes draw you into a trance and make you dance. The flying guitars, flaming drum kits, and flamboyant dance moves bring an explosive energy felt by all. It is purely nerd rock at its finest.

blake- guitar/vocals/accordian. austun- drums/vocals/train whistle. kyle - keys/synth/samples/glockenspiel/harmonica/vocals. big blake- bass.

The Masses" by M.C. Bell hosted by. http://www.quickstopentertainment.com/?p=3321 The Tastydactyls Album: One & Nine (We Had A Hell Of A Run) Does this band sound familiar to you? Well, assuming you've eased up a bit on your paint-huffing dalliances, you may recall that I featured the Tastydactyls in my "Pimp Your Band" portion of this here column. To refresh your mammary, the Tasties (as I like to call them for no particular reason) hail from deep in the heart o' Tex-Ass and have been on one hell of a roll, as of late. For starters, they are coming off a glorious victory at their local battle of the bands competition where they treated the competition like the "small guy in prison." They are also readying themselves for their first ever "World Tour" (okay, actually the are going to go play some gigs in Ireland) and recently released a kick-ass EP, One & Nine (We Had A Hell Of A Run). The music on this disc is down-right infectious. With it's herky-jerky rhythms and quirky/clever instrumentation (accordions, train whistles and glockenspiels), One & Nine comes off as a wonderfully weird mix of Cursive ("Clockwork") and Jimmy Eat World ("Like A Bear"). If you are looking for some truly imaginative alternative, look no further. Check them out over at www.myspace.com/thetastydactyls.

In no particular order: Wolf Parade, bright eyes, john lennon, Boy Least Likely To, the Cardigans, IMOGEN HEAP, ployphonicspree, young love, she wants revenge, aristeia, dorks for higher, tribe called quest, atmosphere, the appleseed cast, journey, The Lemurs, recover, jethro tull, the fringe, jimmy eat world, rush, incubus, old dirty bastard, blink 182, modest mouse, ugly cassanova, brand new, granddaddy, kut u up, yovee, the who, beck, blake northern, mute math, the yeah yeah yeahs, white stripes, david bowie, the used, danny elfmann, chicago, the police, green day, metallica, boxcar racer, saves the day, hellogoodbyeHG06, the get up kids, recover, death-cab for cutie, kc and the sunshine band, bloc party, pink floyd, deep purple, elton john, eric clapton, europe, led zepplin, nirvana, man or astroman?, taking back sunday, the outfield, the clash, neil armstrong, the toadies, loxsly, minus the bear, steve zissou, steel loaded, earth wind and fire, stevie nicks, ac/dc, guns and roses, jay z, transplants, the arcade fire, cat galactica, dennis rodman, spinal tap, foo fighters, sparta, mae, weezer, motion city soundtrack, ccr, tom petty, ted nugent, buddy guy, little richard, nelly, franz ferdinand, hot hot heat, the killers, recover, boston, styxx, dave chappelle, the walkmen, the mars volta, the aquabots, freebirds, vendetta red, ethan durelle, headphones, glassjaw, michael jackson, billy the kid, the karate kid, the cure, tupac, van halen, not van hagar, adam sandler, tenacious d, the shins, the postal service, gwen stefani, the chemical brothers, mc hammer, vanilla ice, the 12 apostles, moses, little compass, eye of the passenger, bill and ted's excellent adventure, slayer, frank sinatra, sum 41, the darkness, smashing pumpkins, bob marley, the butthole surfers, stp, sublime, action action, vermont, phantom planet, serna, and last but not least, recover.



  • salvatore said:
    wtf but ina good way Mar 29
  • Acadian said:
    Y'all should put up new songs! Like Touche....just a suggestion. Oct 22
  • said:
    u guys sound really good more people should check u out Mar 19


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