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For such a small island, the British fashion scene is huge. Known for quirky styles and the ability to add a certain British charm to collections, the top British fashion designers are well known worldwide and take centre stage when it comes to accessible yet innovate design. The biggest names in British fashion all have very different backgrounds and styles, but they are united in one thing - their own unique and iconic collections.

Vivienne Westwood is one the UKs earliest fashion success stories. Her work is well known for its punk roots and her collections have challenged the norm and made people rethink the fashion landscape. She also makes use of many historical materials, fabrics and techniques - her use of tartan being one of her most recognisable traits.

Another designer who started putting Britain's talents on the map is John Galliano. Drawing on both UK and www.alasto.com Gibraltan influences, Galliano's flamboyant style has ensured him a place in the fashion hall of fame. Most recognisable for the fancy dress spirit that infuses his pieces, Galliano is a champion for bias-cut dressed and dramatic tailoring.

A controversial designer who nevertheless managed to grab the hearts and minds of the buying public has to be is Alexander McQueen. Well known for his dramatic and sometimes disturbing collections, McQueen put a lot of focus on highlighting femininity and his highly structured tailoring and corsetry gathered him fans the world over.

breitling bentley Stella McCartney is another mover and shaker that makes it onto the list of iconic British designer. While her family connections undoubtedly helped her career in its early stages, she has since proven herself a highly capable and popular designer. Her dresses are best known for their vintage feel and her trouser suits and jet setting styled holiday wear have the opulent style that marks her out.

Iconic designer Paul Smith shot to fame in the 1970s when he opened a shop in Nottingham that sold the kind of clothes he'd always wanted to be able to buy, but that had never been available. Since then he's consistently created distinctive looks that blend the highlights of traditional English attire with a quirky and endearing touch. These attributes can often be found in his Paul Smith Jeans range. He was knighted in 2001 for his contribution to fashion, and his famous stripe and distinctive style makes him an enduring fashion favourite for a wider audience than Britain alone.

With such distinctive and revered designers, it's certain that Britain is well set to continue enjoying a prime position in the fashion scene in the future.

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Posted Apr 12, 2013 at 5:57am