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Released Nov 30, 1999

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Comments (27)

  • Anonimoxlove said:
    One of the best songs ever !! Jun 03
  • Amanda said:
    I remember this song, made me like this band! Mar 22
  • Ashley simmons said:
    I love this song and cd Jan 07
  • UQ said:
    i like this song... Jan 29
  • Click here said:
    geniius! ^^ Jan 04
  • Kelly said:
    My fav song eva besides Whats it feel like to be a ghost? otherwise this is the best song i've heard in years! Aug 12
  • ANHI3_ said:
    my number one favorite song by taking back sunday Jul 29
  • Noah Narcotic(MySpace.com/ckpromotes) said:
    liar and make damn sure rocks and so does my blue heaven u guys rock my socks off and anyone who doesnt like them guess what i hope they get screwd there fault for not liking awsome bands like u they must not no how to rock like u guys May 15
  • Heltha said:
    This album is pretty good, I love Make Damn Sure and My Blue Heaven, but there are parts were the songs stop out from each other and you don\'t notice where one song ends and another begins. But maybe it\'s meant to be like that, or maybe it\'s just me who thinks that. N/M all in all awesome. Oct 20
  • said:
    awesome song. so awesome that i had to add them to my website. ~purple.yankee Sep 13
  • Angel of Your Nightmare said:
    i love this cd,especially devine interentions and my blue heaven....taking back sunday is amazing Feb 23
  • Bass Guitar Rocker Girl '09 said:
    \"Divine Intervention\" is awesome! this whole cd is awesome!!! i luv TBS!!! Someone at school told me they liked my jacket cuz its green(it\'s a TBS jacket) then they said no body likes Taking back Sunday tho. but thats not true! I LOVE YOU GUYS im proud to be a fan. i don\'t care what anyone else says about you! i luv you! its their lost they are missing out on one of THE BEST BANDS THIS WORLD HAS EVER SEEN! The TBS jacket i have is my fav jacket cuz its a TBS jacket! i luv the newest album anyone who doesn\'t have it should buy it! Feb 11
  • squeakster2006 said:
    this album is AMAZING!! i love it. its my fave Dec 30
  • sjbubbles said:
    i think that TBS are the best band ever love the CD. Nov 09
  • chazziesgirl said:
    I thinl that Taking back Sunday is one of the best bands ever and i ing love this song to pieces thats true Nov 04