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Genres: Alternative / Emo / Powerpop

Location: Cincinnati, OH

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Members: Paige, Twitch, Fish, Derek

Hailing from the sewage infested banks of the ohio river (cincinnati). We are a mix of Alternitive power pop and a splash of emo. Shaken, not stirred... Remember that! Thanks For listening we love you... yes you, and by the way, i see you right now... stop playing with it, you'll go blind!

hey kids.....just chekcing out this new fangled pure volume.... pretty nifty eh? moving on, we've been whoring ourselves around town looking for every and any shows we can squeeze onto...so if you've got a slot open...let us know! we just played the hAT on the 3rd....and this coming friday (dec 16th) we'll be playing our first show with a few of our lable mates (million less than 1, the gambling district, final thought) at the sharonville VFW (check shows for details), and then we've got a couple set up for mid january.... however, we're always looking for more. we are still in the process of mass producing our album (we released it at the HAT, gave out free copies, and now were broke and out of 'em) but we should have copies for sale on the cheap side at the next show. if we run out on the 16th...we'll make more, and we'll taqke your name and send it out to you. sorry....it's just hard to find time between work, school, and practice to sit on my f*cked up computer and burn copy after copy. but we'll get ya covered. other than that....come check us out, and good riddins....


  • Tabloyd SKANKer said:
    i love you guys so much! im always gonna be your #1 SKANKer lol. see ya guys at the next show! maybe me and katie will hang out with ya guys at another practice lol Mar 02


Bevis, OH


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United States

Tabloyd SKANKer

Cincinnati, OH


Bevis, OH

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