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Genres: Alternative / Rock

Location: San Diego, CA

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Members: Jon Foreman, Tim Foreman, Chad Butler, Jerome Fontamillas, Drew Shirley

Welcom switchfoot amigos! Yes...it is sad to say that the Europe Tour is officially over. We had a blast in all the cities we played! We saw some snow which was a rare occasion for us California boys and took advantage of every minuet we had with it. We are also glad the tour is over in a good sense, just because we have been missing our families, and we have lots of dirt laundry to get cleaned!!! Well Tour back in the states start February 13th in Anaheim, CA. Hope ya'll are ready to welcome us back home!!!
untill we meet again mis amigos,

Stay Classy!

"Oh! Gravity." is in stores now and on iTunes! Buy it now!


  • Carlington said:
    you guys rock Nov 25
  • shannon said:
    if u research u will find that they do not sing strictly for Christians and i admire them for that. its no different than working for a company. u can be a christian doing other things and i'm glad they can touch a variety of folks with their music! i and my 4 kids love switchfoot and might i add that we spend some of our family time around the computer watching podcasts and they're hilarious! give us more! and don't take so long coming back to mississippi this time! i miss ya already! Sep 25
  • John Ellis said:
    I don't understand the meaning behind the "Oh, Gravity" album. Songs like "Let that be Enough", "New Way to be Human", "Meant to Live", and "Learning to Breathe" have intense christian meaning. It seems that as switchfoot has become a larger band they have begun to have drifted from what/who made them the great band they are. Could someone please explain to me the meaning in switchfoot's recent works? If not, I want the old switchfoot back! Aug 10
  • SOO SICK---> check it!!(www.myspace.com/adullscience) said:
    such good music Jul 11
  • Jenn (: said:
    omgoshh, saw you guys last year. it was fantasticc!! keep it up! Jun 14
  • short stuff!!!!~Robby G. said:
    jon, tim, jerome, chad, and drew...great performance last night at the palace theatre...i was that dude that was looking right at jon when he jumped onto the speakers (red sox world series champs), anyways, spectacular performance, we saw u guys at the webster theatre (hartford) about a year ago and u guys topped that, and come back to rock the sound...by the way, i dont know if u guys know the band centrevol out in california, theyre in the long beach area...they came in 3rd on a west coast tour so yeh... May 03
  • Linda said:
    I LOVE YOU!! Your my fav. band in the world. May 01
  • rowan said:
    Ohh Emm Gee. i came here looking for the song stars. but it\'s not here! :( it\'s kind of depressing..so i think you guys should add it. Feb 10
  • Aaron said:
    check out my site www.freewebs.com/insightskate Jan 31
  • Ben781 said:
    when wi;; you ever come 2 Northern Ireland \'cause u never do any gigs near hear Jan 31
  • ..::rockstar Aaron::.. said:
    hey guys. iv always liked your music but when i heard that my friend josh was going to CA iand meeting some of you guys i was like AWSOM! CAN I COME WITH YOU! but he went and i didnt. oh well. but he also told me you let him record in your studios. so awsome. well keep rockin. Jan 28
  • brilliant_blackshoe said:
    your musics are so great!!! Jan 27
  • brilliant_blackshoe said:
    your musics are so great!!! Jan 27
  • njrocker2266 said:
    hey. i was just checking you guys out and i really like the stuff you have up. i was wondering if i could have permission to us your song \"oh, god\" on a prerecorded radio show i do called riot radio. the website is www.riotradio.tk and at first i just used any songs but i\'m going to try and make it a \"legal\" station by asking permission from artists before using their songs. i look forward to hearing from you. - Matt Jan 15
  • eekers said:
    Dec 03

Oh! Gravity

Dec 26, 2006

Nothing Is Sound

Sep 13, 2005

Beautiful Letdown

Nov 30, 1999

Oh! EP

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