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Why Jam By Sweetheartz Is really a 'Necessary' Listen

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The newest release from hot female hip hop artiste, Sweetheartz, could be her best project yet. Titled Jams, the album isn't only showcasing the reggae sweetheart's talent in a different light, it also involves different flavors and sounds which can be bound to draw the attention of the most discriminating ear.


The need Defense Factor

An album of several themes, survival at any cost is a subject that will get some of the artiste's attention. This can be highlighted not only in the punchline of the best numbers on the compilation but also by way of a running skit inside a guest appearance by way of a real 'Life hacker', if you may, Harry Jack Spakes.

While Spakes is actually a no-name in music circles, he has more street cred than many of hip hop's finest, who spit fictionalized rhymes, having escaped from prison no less than seven times. As though that wasn't enough, the first kind convict managed to have a little bit of little-known legislation work in his favor referred to as 'Necessity Defense', which saved him from serving out a 60-year prison sentence due to a prison break that was also life-threatening.


Spakes' story, which draws parallels with predicaments of cannibals, cannabis growers and war protesters as a long way away as Vietnam, is an apparent inspiration to Sweetheartz, whose real name is Jana Barros, and sparked the requirement for Spakes' appearance.

Pre-released on Reverbnation and Spotify, the 13-track effort relies on a number of arrangements and melodies to disturb the ear and invoke fascination with the mystique of Sweetheartz. Beyond the obvious hip-hop influence, the tracks can also be imbued with pop and rock themes. Included one of the most interesting tracks around the album are "You Got Money", "Don't Leave Me Now" and "Thunder Bill" for which a video has already been uploaded to YouTube.


Posted Nov 10, 2015 at 5:34am