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susan's on the stairs


Genres: Progressive / Rock / Experimental

Location: Birmingham, AL

Stats: 1 fans / 128 plays / 6 plays today






Members: Philip Gilreath, Gaines Cooper, Jordan Morrison

Were Susans on the Stairs, a three piece rock group hailing from Birmingham, Alabama. Like many coming of age musicians, we feel that we have reached a musical fork in the road, where we can either turn our longtime passion into a full time commitment, or wait around for our talent and ambition to dissipate, and we are fully driven to choose the former. This demo, recorded last summer in our basement-turned-practice space, contains a sampling of our style. We like to call it space rock; in which we combine elements of upbeat rock music with the psychedelic style of progressive rock that came about in the 60s. The first track, Monster, demonstrates our idea of an upbeat rock song, bass driven, catchy, and effective. In 56, the second track, we let the heavy rocking subside, giving way to an eerie, sometimes described as beautiful song, comprised of lush layers of guitar and voices building up to a climax. The surgeon starts off with a droning, hypnotic guitar section that then explodes into a fully blown word song. None of these songs sound quite the same, but they all sit under the umbrella of Susans on the Stairs, serving as a testimony to our varying styles and willingness to experiment while still holding the reigns tight enough to produce music that is catchy and accessible. We feel that in a rather bland era in music, our style could offer something that listeners arent currently receiving, and hopefully help to remind folks that music is an art as well as entertainment, and can be poetic as well as harsh, beautiful as well as powerful. The contrast can only bring good things.

Susans on the Stairs is:
Philip Gilreath: Words, vocals, guitar
Gaines Cooper: Bass, vocals
Jordan Morisson: Drums