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Genres: Experimental / Indie / Rock

Location: Chicago, IL

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4 tracks

Members: Nick, Matt, Kody, Mike, Clint & Chris

Press for "Close Calls in the U.S. Space Program / The Howl & The Many"...

"[They] mine the intersection of Dischord-era post-punk and Radiohead-inspired, postmodern 'alternative.' The reaction is nothing short of inspired and confounding--music for the imaginative, emotional listener. [...] These releases show not only promise, but hearken a musical identity that has not yet been born." - Gather Round the Mic

"'Epic' and 'grand' are two words you'll constantly hear when discussing Suns. Yet, despite its constant epic feel and denser, darker sound, 'Close Calls...' still has much room to breathe and that's a testament to Suns' restraint. A band of six with instruments galore could easily end up overstuffing their songs to the point of claustrophobia, but instead they use them to add atmosphere [...] and it makes for some pretty beautiful music." - Windy Citizen

"'Close Calls in the U.S. Space Program' showcases the band's talent for richly layering their sound and making the most of their six-man line up without ever sounding dense. As all the strings, pedals, and sticks engulf one another, [...] it's easy to imagine the band achieving the ability to levitate through their soaring builds." - Reviewsic

"With the type of momentum these guys have shown with this double release, there's no doubt they're going places fast." - The Chicagoist

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Elk Grove Village, IL

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