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Sun from Shadow


Genres: Rock / Indie

Location: Mission Viejo, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Carson Leith, Landon Maslyn, Jason Leith, Logan Post, Hayden Coplen

Sun from Shadow started with five young guys leading worship at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest California. After four years of playing together for their congregation, the five of them decided to take their passion for music into the secular music world in 2006. With an eagerness to write great music and the ability to bring their songs to life on stage, they started playing live shows at local venues in addition to their music ministry at Saddleback.

After two years of song writing and live shows as a formal group, Sun from Shadow released their highly anticipated debut EP, "Giants and Orphans", in May of 2008. Their passionate music has caught the attention of many, making it onto the Top Unsigned Bands list for TheDailyChorus.com and available on iTunes, Bandfarm, and Amazon. Recently, with three of the members off at college and two in high school, Sun from Shadow has been working hard, writing and demoing songs for their new upcoming album, which is sure to surprise fans of "Giants and Orphans".

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Sun from Shadow


  • Sanda Nicole said:
    scratch that last comment Apr 01
  • Sanda Nicole said:
    so i found you guys out on accident, but it was a awesome accident. I love you guys so much. i need names please =] Apr 01
  • Jake said:
    Ah, I just love This time, I swear I mean it. Can't stop listening to it! Jan 19
  • my sunshine said:
    great concert friday guys!!!! you did a fantastic job for that being your first acoustic show! keep up the good work, where can I buy your cd?? -Jess a.k.a. D.P. Webster's sister Aug 31
  • fickshonal said:
    I have to agree with Tim from TDC. You guys are awesome! I hope to hear more from you soon. ;D May 21
  • EleventyErica said:
    Tim Towner thought you guys were good, and I believe him. =] Jun 14
  • adreez_indiestree! said:
    well i guess i\'ll see you at the alley this friday then. :] May 28
  • Funelli said:
    I love the music especially the ending! ha ha sorry about that jason - I am old and don\'t know about this rad music site! Keep me updated on when your next concert will be - I promise I won\'t scream too loud! I loved the song! Mrs. F Nov 27
  • Rachelrachel said:
    Hey good job on your song guys!! Sounds Great! Nov 10
  • Gio-Dude said:
    Woo Woo... now that is music! keep it up guys! Gio-Dude Nov 08
  • kelseypatrice said:
    I can only dream of becoming a fan of Sun From Shadow... Nov 06
  • said:
    cant wait to hear your guys- see u at chainreaction-that place is awesome Oct 15
  • numberonefandang said:
    dude, number one fan dang. thus the name Sep 19
  • bringontheflood said:
    no music, but the pictures look great. You guys could pass for a band even without any music... which is actually exactly what you\'re doing. but i\'m hearing great things and looking forward to hearing what you guys can actually do soon. Sep 18
  • ali labelle said:
    chase ishii, don\'t even! i was this band\'s very first purevolume friend, and that\'s a fact. so beat that. still love you guys. Sep 11

Giants and Orphans

May 02, 2008


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