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Sunday Inn


Genres: Alternative / Powerpop / Acoustic

Location: Berlin, Germany

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4 tracks

Members: Sebastian, Timo, Catherine, Maro, David

Tasteful and elegant guitar pop for a new generation in rock music. So if youre a fan of emo, youll want to check out SUNDAY INN. (Flex Your Head/Canada)

Sunday Inn means beautiful, catchy, guitar based rock-music with Catherine Harwardts brilliant voice, thats shining on top of the songs.

To describe their sound is almost impossible, it just doesnt fit into any so called patterns. You can hear it on their new album jadoube, on Sandburg Musik; its a good and mature continuation of their debut full-lenght heroes when we sleep, released in 2001 on Strange Fruit Records. In general, their new stuff is a little more calm and thoughtful than their earlier outputs, which is mainly due to the fact that after a lot of shows through Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland with bands like Jimmy Eat World, Elliott, Pop Unknown or Rival Schools, they took a productive timeout to write new songs.

With the release of their new album 'j'adoube', the band will be back on stage again. Musically grown up, with a bigger production and with tons of feeling and thoughtful moments of melancholy. This 12-track-piece shows us that music still has something to do with heartfelt songs and the passion to music.

Sunday Inn, thats a female voice and intense guitar sounds. Songs, which often touch ground deep down or, at other times, express the passion of enjoying life itself. The variety of atmospheres make their world of sounds so pleasant and worth experiencing. They dont want to show off, they want to have fun within their music nothing more and nothing less. Music is life.




May 01, 2005


United States


United States


214 North Temple Condominium, United States


2006 New York City plane crash, United States


Memphis, TN


214 North Temple Condominium, United States

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