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Substance over Style


Genres: Rock / Alternative / Pop

Location: Toronto, ON

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Members: Liam, Rylan

Hey Everybody. It's been a long time since we've done anything on this site. I've been busy producing and playing on a project for Dave King. Watch for his album in the new year.

Liam and I will be focusing on solo projects in the new year, however, we'll both be contributing to each other's projects in different ways.

And next year, watch out for KINNON, fronted by the unbelievably talented singer Kaili Kinnon. We're not finished, we've just got other things in the works!

We're Back

Four New Songs are up!-------->

The new all new songs, Leave Everything, and You Caught My Eye, are off our album, "The Impossible Heart."

Daydreams and Nightmares and All I ever Wanted are now available for free download. We hope you'll download them and play them for your friends.

Also, Nothing (Couldn't Care less about me) is the final mastered version of the song. it is a big improvement.

We're finished the album, and will be putting two new songs up every week. When the two new songs go up, the last two songs will be available for download.

Please download these songs and play them for your friends! Help us get the word out!

Substance over style is the writing team Liam (guitars,bass,vocals) and Rylan (drums, vocals, keys) Kinnon based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. You can listen to our stuff here, keep in mind it is all home recordings.

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To book Substance over Style, or to just say hi, email us at

All Music is written and recorded by Liam and Rylan Kinnon.
Copyright Substance Over Style 2004-2008



  • The Impulse Inadequate (FREE EP - Letters From Space - out now!) said:
    Like piano, smooth vocals, a coldplay-ish sound, bells and mellow floatiness? :) Check out THE IMPULSE INADEQUATE (Electronica, Alternative, Ambient) ***EP COMING SOON!*** Good stuff, see for yerself! purevolume.com/theimpulseinadequate Feb 07
  • unearthly said:
    ur voice is soo soft its beautiful Jan 13
  • Amityville-Kyle said:
    hey, i really like your sound. maybe i could play you in my next podcast. e-mail me for details, if you are interested. -Kyle Wallace blue216@rogers.com p.s. my music is @ purevolume.com/kylewallace & my podcast link is on there too. May 25
  • x[Heartbreak and Fake Smiles]x said:
    Hey there. Sorry I missed the show at the Reverb; I just didn\'t have any transportation to get there. > Aug 08
  • nnnnnoura said:
    pretty fuckin awesum... haha call me wen ur famous u guyz r gunna go far Apr 06
  • tiger said:
    Hey guys its me, collin i like ur song one stupid night, that song is amazing. i realy like it alot. neways guys keep the peace Jan 09
  • p|o|o|n|t|a|n|g said:
    cute freaking drummer i like that guys hair never heard your music before = cute. gr hahah thats all ithink i can say cuz im pretty out of it rght nwo so bye!! Jan 08
  • xxridesagainxx said:
    awesome voice Jan 07

The Impossible Heart

Sep 15, 2008

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