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Genres: Rock / Screamo / Punk

Location: Yukon, OK

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4 tracks

Members: Wesley, Clint, Reed, Smokey, Caleb, Jacob, Evan, Shaun

subseven formed in 1999, Wesley Fite (vocals), Reed Corbin (bass), Clint McManaman (drums), and Smokey Emerson (guitar). The band played the midwest for 4 years as an independent. During that time they released 2 independent albums (the Black Album - 2000) and the (Larusso EP-2001) gaining them a wild local following. The band lost Smokey on guitar in 2002, but gained 2 new guitarist, Caleb Wilkerson and Jacob Sullivan and In 2003, they signed a record deal with Flickr Records. The band immediately went into the studio to record with producer Bob Burch (Number One Gun, Sluggo), their debut release was simply titled - the EP

the EP Track track listing:
1. emotion
2. game of love
3. beginning once again
4. at the park
5. faded letters
6. mayday
7. dirt roads

The song Emotion threw subseven onto the scene, landing them on top of the charts in radio and video, coupled with a few cross country tours , the band quickly became favorites in the Indie rock scene.

subseven: Emotion
Director: Shane Drake
Watch Video Here

The band entered the studio in August of 2005 to record Free to Conquer with Sam Shiffley and Nathan Dantzler (Chasing Victory, Staple, Mortal Treason, Kids in the Way).

Free to Conquer track listing:
1. Up to You
2. Mayday (retracked)
3. Free to Conquer
4. Family Secret
5. Dirt Roads (remixed)
6. Hold On
7. Blinking Lights
8. Game of Love (retracked)
9. Breathe
10. Vampire

With the release of Free to Conquer, subseven quickly began touring even more, hitting the US multiple times in 2005 with bands like Pillar, Project 86, Falling Up, Disciple, Chasing Victory, and the one and only Stryper, they also managed playing dates on Van's Warped Tour. They gained major airplay with their videos on TVU, MTVU, MTV2, FUSE, and Much Music, as well as countless internet video channels.

subseven: Free to Conquer
Director: Todd Strauss Schulson
Watch Video Here

2005 also brought member changes to the band, in the fall Jacob, Reed and Caleb left the band, and new bass player Shaun Brown, and guitarist Evan Crowley, stepped into complete the 2005 touring season. On December 3rd, subseven recorded the video for Hold On at OKC's the Green Door, after the video shoot the band announced that they were calling it quits. They played their last show that night.

subseven: Hold On
Director: Kevin Wildt
Watch Video Here


  • arthur said:
    um abraço ae pro Ranaldo \o/ Brasil ! Mar 02
  • Andy said:
    You guys are my haven!! I've been looking for a site like this for the past two years!! Is there any way you could upload some more songs PLEASE?! It would be the best!! Like Subseven♥♥♥ Jan 31
    http://www.purevolume.com/surfstronda ___ ouve ai por favor ? Aug 15
  • Jared said:
    Subseven is the best! Game of Love! Feb 12
  • Bring Devon The Horizon said:
    Yes that is the good stuff Dec 04
  • Marleny said:
    buenisisisimo Sep 10
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    rock n' roll.. Jul 14
  • Hardcore=christian said:
    Check out my youtube account account.... http://www.youtube.com/longboardskillz Jul 02
  • Just a Small Town Country Girl, Loving Her City Boy (: said:
    You guys are beastly. First vocals... and I was hooked. :] Jun 17
  • hxcpunker92 said:
    i started to listen to you guys again and I wondered why I stopped Mar 29
  • Charlotte(Subsevenrox) said:
    OMG i loved this band but when i first found out about them they had already broke up i was so sad:( Jan 08
  • x said:
    If you have the time or are looking for something to do, please check out http://www.purevolume.com/breakouttheshotguns We always talk back to our fans, and spent a lot of time perfecting our recordings. Be sure to stop and say hi! :D -Mike RIP SUB7 Nov 25
  • I know, I know, my name is so cool said:
    you guys rox Oct 29
  • Peyton said:
    You guys rock! I love your song Hold On. It's great. Well, I'd like to say to keep up the good work, but I can't. So, just keep praising the Lord of the universe. God Bless! Sep 16
  • King : A : [ASTR] said:
    right on Aug 14


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