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Subliminal Spectrum


Genres: Hip Hop / Hip Hop / Christian Rap

Location: Johnson City, TN

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Members: Andrew Carpenter

Subliminal Spectrum is not the future of music as we know it. Subliminal Spectrum is not something totally new and fresh in a repetitive and echoing sea of noise. Subliminal Spectrum is not the see all end all answer to the eternal question of how good can music get. Subliminal Spectrum (I'm just gonna see how many times I can get away with pounding the name into your head) is however a fresh voice in a group of very talented artists who have made it their mission to breathe life back into Hip Hop.

The underground, as it is affectionately called, is a place where concrete, real, clear, and concise lyrical expression meets raw, gritty sounscapes in order to give the listener a true taste of unsaturated art. That is a beautiful place to be, and that is the place that SubSpec has chosen to make his home. "Here I can just be myself. It's real, no fronts, no masquerades. And with no hassle like that in the way I can truly take the time to express myself in this art" in his words.

Subliminal Spectrum has an unwaivering foundation of faith in Jesus Christ which gives him the clarity in his lyrics to aggressively tackle issues which weigh on his soul, issues that he had to deal with without any clear and understanding voice there to help him through the struggles.
With that as motivation he uses his voice as a tool to inspire everyone who listens to reach for more than the mundane and look beyond life as we know to grasp true joy even in some of lifes' hardest struggles.

As I said Subliminal Spectrum isn't the greatest thing to ever happen to music, but he does have a strong voice and message being carried over theatrical landscapes that will provide a pleasant echo in your head, and possibly ignite a small fire in your venue when loosed. But as with all things, experiencing it for yourself is the best way to explore. SO LISTEN AND ENJOY.

The The Great Unknown is slated to be pressed and available by May 21, 2007

The self produced debut album from Subliminal Spectrum, The Great Unknown is a nod to both purist hip hop heads as well as standard setting producers and engineers the world over. This album brings to level clarity, content, focus, and fidelity. This is a first class underground project that will undoubtedly leave an impact on the hip hop scene.


I'm always looking for fun shows, If you've got a spot or need some support,
E-mail me and we will see what we can do.

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And also check out UNEARTHLY


  • leadandiron said:
    nice lyrics and beats, but i think you need serious work on the voice. Not enough emotion in it, and make you sound halfhearted when rapping. Gotta be more effusive, like Pillar. And the singing parts are sort of all off key. I like the man up song, but the beginning is just so off key and so not melodic that it hurts my ears, but the rest of it is pretty darn good. Jul 20
  • waitforme444 said:
    hey wow luv ur lyrics!! and ur voice is good! keep up the gr8 work:) May 25

The Great Unknown

Dec 31, 2006

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