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Studio 7


Genres: Rock / Classic Rock / Alternative

Location: Chatham, NJ

Stats: 20 fans / 2,330 plays / 12 plays today






Members: Luke Beshar, Mark Hardin, Kevin Kuchera, Joe Barresi


rock girl a purevolume listener reviewed Studio 7:
Studio 7 "is rock / alternative band from NJ .I can see some talent in both the vocals and instruments, practice shows off. I think that they have all the right ideas when it comes to putting songs together... You can tell that they put everything they have into creating music that they love to make... As time goes on I can see this band only getting better if the continue to hold their love for music , that it seems they already have" -January 2007

2000+ plays!

current line up

Kevin Kuchera - Bass, Vocals
Luke Beshar - Guitar, Vocals
Mark Hardin - Guitar
Joe Barresi - Drums

Band History

Joe Barresi: Joe was born with unbelievable reflexes, and spent his child hood in matial arts training. Later, he entered a World Karate Tournament, where he engaged in hand-to-hand combat with great fighters such as Jackie Chan and others. Soon enough, Joe decided to put his talents and reflexes to better use and became a drummer.

Luke Beshar: Many may know Luke already as the fifth member of the Jackson 5. However, as the band lost its popularity, Luke decided to have plastic surgery and change his name. Later on he learned guitar and joined JFC.

Mark Hardin: Mark spent most of his life modeling for various fitness magazines. He made his own version of 6 Minute Abs and was voted 1998 Male Model of the Year. Later on, he joined JFC as the band eye candy for obvious reasons, and learned the guitar as a second talent.

Kevin Kuchera: Kooch sang a Death Cab song and works at a studio


  • .>To [Offset] The Shakes said:
    I like your music. It\'s pretty sweet. Feb 08
  • puma454 said:
    Good music, hey Luke and Reichert, its oliver. Reichert it doesn\'t sound like you by the way. Apr 25
  • NJ*Rocker*444 said:
    crazy good band. goin down= really good, keep it up, singer sounds real good in the first song. JFC rox! Apr 17
  • shizzfizz8262 said:
    awesome. once again great guitar Mar 20
  • HawthorneAnton91 said:
    Sweet Guitars Feb 28
  • chloe08 said:
    i really like the guitar, sweet style Feb 07
  • FadedXXSmile1 said:
    you guys are awesome, mad good guitarist Jan 16
  • rollingstonesalltheway said:
    ur music rocks! singer has a cool voice and the guitar is really good Jan 14
  • Mr. Listener said:
    U guys rock keep making music. Ur guitar player can really play. Jan 08


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