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Stuck with Arthur


Genres: Rock / Indie / Rock

Location: Des Moines, IA

Stats: 421 fans / 52,022 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Adam, Thomas, Spenser, and Chris

Hello! We are Stuck with Arthur!

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To contact the band:
Booking: booking@stuckwitharthur.com
Other: stuckwitharthur@stuckwitharthur.com

You can also IM some of the guys in the band if you so please...
Chris- realrockerscry
Spenser- stuckwitharthur
Thomas- hailmarythatails
Say "hi" if you have the chance, we'd love to hear from you!


  • Fannepak said:
    you make me proud to be a citizen of des moines!!!! keep it up. May 01
  • MuzikmyLife011 said:
    I\'m from iowa, my friend told me about you and i havn\'t heard bout you at all so i looked you up, you guys are awesome Jan 16
  • brittany52803 said:
    hey you guys rock! Jul 13
  • infmsrxy7 said:
    Met u guys downtown DSM at the Gross Domestic Product concert and instantaneously starting hearting u! Your music rocks my world. I\'ve been jammin out to your CD since then and have a proposition for ya\'ll...think u might wanna play at my wedding next fall? haha, just a thought...but my rents would pay well........ Jun 09
  • atombender! said:
    So I was going to drive all the way from Ames to Ankeny and take a trip to go see you guys at the Junkyard next friday, but then I realized just how long the Matt Smith takes, so now I\'m sad. I WILL see you kids sometime! I just don\'t know when. Mar 15
  • valsauce!; said:
    So I was going to fly all the way from California to Chicago and take the train to go see you guys at the House of Bricks next month, but then I realized just how long the train takes, so now I\'m sad. I WILL see you kids sometime! I just don\'t know when. Jan 31
  • xOxpunkrockprincessxOX said:
    love it Jan 29
  • *xALLISLOSTxxx0 said:
    seriously why not bakersfield. Jan 27
  • santaclausinacowboyhat said:
    i must say, you guys kick ass, and you do it without sounding like everyone else... check out purevolume.com/pushforcoin... good stuff Jan 26
  • iwearthepants said:
    wut a cute group of young men hahah AH and your musik, its great!! keep it up! cheers: ) Jan 25
  • emoxatxheartx said:
    Love it Jan 25
  • rubi said:
    Jan 25
  • waste_of_paint__x said:
    Add Comment here... Jan 24
  • XPinkBabyAngel6X said:
    Add Comment here... Jan 23
  • jammerman21 said:
    alright!!! you guys are on the purevolume home page....way to be!....keep it up, you guys rock. Jan 23

The Solstice

May 25, 2007

Stuck with Arthur

No release date

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